Extra Life 2024

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PLAY GAMES. Change Kids' Health.

Since 2008, tens of thousands of gamers have united to play games, change kids' health and change the future. Their gaming styles are diverse: from video games and esports, to tabletop games, to lawn sports. Whether you're a live streamer or you get together IRL, Extra Life empowers gamers and content creators of every kind to use their passion for play to save lives.

What began as a 24-hour gaming marathon, people now uniquely define the Extra Life challenge they want to take on. If you're not sure where to start, give the gaming or streaming marathon a try.

Sign up and then gather the support of your community. You can join us on Saturday, November 2, 2024 to embark on your gaming and/or streaming marathon.

Since 2008, we've raised over $120 million USD for kids treated at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 

WHEN? November 2, 2024 at 8am MST. (Or pick a date that works for you!)

WHERE? Anywhere you like to game.

GAME/PLATFORM? Play any games on any platform. (Including mobile devices and board games)

HOW IT WORKS? Simply ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts. Then, get to playing the games you love the most.

WHO IT BENEFITS? Select from one of 170 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals during registration.

As always, Extra Life registration is absolutely free. However, we offer a $19 USD Platinum option, which makes you eligible to receive surprising swag and prizes throughout the campaign. Hit certain milestones to earn the official Extra Life decal, t-shirt and hero medal.

Are you game?

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals supports healthy and safe gaming for kids. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s gaming, please visit www.cmch.tv/ for resources on healthy gaming habits for kids.