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Welcome to Phoenix Overdrive's Extra Life team fundraising page! 

We are excited to be participating in Extra Life as a team for our NINTH YEAR! 

Our events since 2019 have been quite different, but this year, we are back to being full steam ahead and we are most excited to be so!
Coming off our most amazing 2021, where as a team, we raised over $26,000 and placed 48th out of 4,000 teams, Phoenix Overdrive is proud and excitedto host another iteration of Extra Life National Game Day and we will once again be in the Dining and Community of the Rome Campus of the Mohawk Valley Community College.

Our annual extravaganza event will begin on November 4th at 6:30 PM with a pizza party on site for all who wish to attend. This will give you an opportunity to come meet everyone you will be gaming with as well as set up your equipment for Game Day. We also plan on having a special gaming tournament to kick-off the weekend!

On November 5th, doors open at 8 AM to allow for any and all to come and begin preparing for their 25 hour gaming session (THANK YOU Daylight Savings Time). Our official start time will be at 10 AM and we will run through until 10 AM on Sunday, November 6th.

Can't stay for too long? Got something on your schedule that you need to handle? Then feel free to swing by, spend a few hours with us and take off when you need to! No pressure at all!

Lastly, new to this year is a special Magic: The Gathering standard draft tournament hosted by our friends at Ravenswood Comics. Join up for this awesome tournament and win a $75 gift certificate to Ravenswood. Second place finishers will be awarded a $25 gift certificate.

All 24-hour participants will have a $25 registration fee. All partial day participants will have a $12.50 registration fee. Magic: The Gathering tournament registrations are $20. All registration fees go towards securing use of the building and providing all participants with food and drink the whole day.

There you have it! The march to $30,000 raised by Phoenix Overdrive begins. We're so excited to have friends near and far join us for this once-a-year incredible event. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via our various social media outlets. Also, feel free to email us at You can also join our Discord where you can reach out to us and chat with all our other friends and gaming buddies.

Thank you for stopping by our Extra Life page.w hope to have you be a part of our team!

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts! And as always, #RiseAbove!



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