Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.


24-Hour Streaming event on November 14 & 15 from 10am-10pm daily!  

Raffle prizes will run from November 9th until December 14th, on December 15th winners will be drawn and contacted!  If you live within a 2-3 hours of Flemington, WV, we can make arrangements for delivery. However, anything further we will ship. Unfortunately, raffle prizes are only available to donors residing in the USA.

The different lots are:

  • Starfinder Bundle valued at $250.00 contains:
    • Core Rulebook
    • Alien Archive
    • Alien Archive Pawn Box
    • Basic Starfield Flip-mat
    • Basic Terrain Flip-mat
    • Against the Aeon Throne The Rune Drive Gambit
    • Against the Aeon Throne Escape from the Prison Moon
    • Against the Aeon Throne The Reach of Empire
  • My Little Scythe board game valued at $50
  • Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig board game valued at $45.00
  • Adult Party Game Bundle valued at $60.00 contains:
    • Utternonsense - Naughty Edition by Play Monster Games
    • Trust me, I'm a doctor by Half-Monster Games Pty, Ltd.
    • Marvel Fluxx by Looney Labs
  • 2-Player Bundle valued at $49.90- contains:
    • Imhotep Duel by Thames & Kosmos
    • Shobu by Smirk & Dagger
  • Younger Audience Board Game Bundle valued at $40.00
    • Mister Rogers Neighborhood Game by Buffalo Print
    • Dairyman by Tasty Minstrel Games
    • Mario Uno by Mattel
  • Steve Jackson Games Large Bundle valued at $49.90
    • Munchkin: Warhammer 40,000
    • Gelatinous
    • Promos for Black Friday
  • Steve Jackson Games Small Bundles valued at $35.00 (2lots, 2 winners drawn)
    • Z-Shot
    • Star Munchkin Landing Party Expansion
    • Promos for Black Friday
  • Packed Full of Fun Board Game Bundle valued at $60.00
    • Dungeon Roll by Tasty Minstrel Games
    • Dungeon Roll Henchman Expansion & Rules Booster
    • Dungeon Roll Hero Booster Pack #1
    • Dungeon Roll Legends Hero Booster Pack #2
    • Pack-o-games: Nuts, Bus, Spy, Dig
  • Take That Bundle valued at $60.00
    • Wooley Whammath by Smirk & Dagger
    • Marvel Fluxx by Looney Labs
  • Chickapig/Marvel Fluxx Board Games valued at $40.00
    • Chickapig by Buffalo Games
    • Marvel  Fluxx by Looney Labs
  • Creations by Jocelyn Altayeb
    • Glass D20 Jar with some dice
    • 4 ceramic coasters
    • 8inch by 8 inch metal sign
  • Bug Out Bunker Escape Room at J&M Books & Play, Parkersburg, WV valued at $65.00 (2 lots so 2 winners will be drawn)
    • 1 ticket allows up to 6 people to complete the Escape Room


We're on a mission to play games in order to help heal kids. We've each chosen our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. With 170 hospitals to chose from, each location treats thousands of kids annually, regardless of their illness, injury or family's ability to pay.

We need your help!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page to help.



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