Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.


Welcome back, adventurers!

When playing Dungeons & Dragons, it's not uncommon to finish up a campaign with your characters saving the world or rescuing innocents. It seems many adventures you watch on have some variation of that theme set in a fantasy world… but fans can have a strong, positive impact in this world, too.

Extra Life is a charity organization D&D has been happy to be involved with since 2013, where gamers stream themselves playing together with the express purpose of driving donations to the Children's Hospitals Network. For 2018, we’re expanding our livestreaming and other efforts and encouraging fans to help drive even more donations.

D&D Twibbon: Add a twibbon to your Facebook/Twitter profile to show your support! Download here.

D&D Extra Life Apparel: Available via Custom Ink, your choice of shirts and hoodies, with multiple designs.

DMs Guild: Look for the following material on the DMs Guild, with all Wizards of the Coast proceeds donated to Extra Life:

How to Join Us

If you want to raise money for kids this year by creating your own individual or sub team page, it's easy! Just click the JOIN OUR TEAM button above. You'll be guided through the steps of registering, and automatically added to the Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life Team. All donations that you and your sub team raises will help us reach our goal!

How to Donate Directly

You can also contribute at any time toward the effort. Just click the DONATE button above, and select any of the DMs or groups (including the D&D Team/Captain).


The D&D Team will also be streaming games during the official Extra Life Game Day on Saturday, November 3rd. In addition, look for participating streams to take place all week, culminating at Gamehole Con 2018.

A full schedule and details to follow, but please consider donating to any of the games taking place:

Sat, Nov 3rd: 11AM-1PM PT
D20 Dames Game
Kat Kruger; Players: Brittni Leigh Liyanage, Meris Mullaley, Jen Vaughn

Sat, Nov 3rd: 1:30PM-3:30PM PT
Adam Lee's Game

DM: Adam Lee; Players: Bart Carroll, Ari Levitch, Shelly Mazzanoble, Emi Tanji, Shawn Wood

Sat, Nov 3rd: 4PM-7PM PT
Chris Lindsay's Game

DM: Chris Lindsay; Players: Bill Benham, Satine Phoenix, Will Straley, Todd Kenreck, Travis Woodall

Sat, Nov 3rd: Ongoing
Dungeon Mayhem
Players: Jordan Comar, Roscoe Wetlaufer

Additional Groups

Fri, Nov 2nd: 11AM-12PM PT
Spoilers & Swag
Nathan Stewart

Sat, Nov 3rd: 10AM PT-Sun, Nov 4th 10AM PT
25th Hour Events Mad Mage Marathon
Zombie Joe

Sun, Nov 4th: 5:30-8PM PT
North by North Quest
David Alvord; Players: Tiffany Alvord, Joe Frankovitch, Elizabeth Goodgame, Adam Jones, Leigh Shull, Chelsea "Little Red Dot" Steverson

Mon, Nov 5th: 2-4PM PT
Adventure, They Wrote
Fletcher Helle; Players: Talia Armato-Helle, Brad Berthiaume, Robert Hawkey, Kat Kruger, Jason Megatron Burrows, Chris Tulach

Tue, Nov 6th: 2-3PM PT
Bart Carroll

Wed, Nov 7th: 2-4PM PT
Clerical Error
Lauren Urban; Players: Demitrios Feredimos, Trick (Patrick) Jarrett, Meris Mullaley, Michelle Sutterfield, Greg Tito

Thu, Nov 8th: 11AM-1PM PT
Learn By Play
Will Jones; Players: Laughlovelindy, Mythematic, Sydney Shields, Gregory Stangel, Jay Tallsquall


Taking place in Madison WI Nov 8-11, Gamehole Con will be running a great number of events in support of Extra Life! These include the following games livestreamed on

Fri, Nov 9th: 8AM-12PM PT
Dungeon of Doom with Stefan Pokorny

DM: Stefan Pokorny

Fri, Nov 9th: 1-5PM PT
Maze Arcana's Inkwell Live: Tip of the Quill

DM: Ruty Rutenberg; Players: Adam Bradford, Todd Kenreck, Eric Lang, Chris Lindsay, Satine Phoenix, Patrick Rothfuss

Fri, Nov 9th: 6-10PM PT
Mike Mearls' Livestream Game

DM: Mike Mearls; Players: Lysa Chen, Pat Kilbane, John Kovalic, Rob Weiland, Monica Valentinelli

Sat, Nov 10th: 8AM-12PM PT
Saving Throw Show Livestream Game

DM: Bill Cavalier; Players: Gaurav Gulati, Amy Vorpahl, Dom Zook

Sat, Nov 10th: 1-5PM PT
Adventurers League Admins Livestream Game

DM: Alan Patrick; Players: Bill Benham, Lysa Chen, Claire Hoffman, Greg Marks, Travis Woodall

Sat, Nov 10th: 6-10PM PT
Chris Perkins' Livestream Game

DM: Chris Perkins; Players: Peter Brett, Gaurav Gulati, Patrick Rothfuss, Elisa Teague, Amy Vorpal

Additional Participants


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