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Welcome to the Wizards of the Coast Extra Life Page!

We’ve gathered an incredible team, drawing on every division of Wizards of the Coast with one goal: change lives. To make it happen, we’re hosting a two-day Twitch stream October 19 and 20, 2018 to support Extra Life.

Our Extra-Life campaign is three years strong, and each year we’ve helped raise more money than the last. This year we have an even more ambitious fundraising goal: $100,000.

Magic: the Gathering Extra-Life 2 day stream begins on Friday, October 19 at 8am PST and runs until 11:59PM PST on Saturday.

Tune in to watch at


You can donate directly to Extra Life right here and right now. Press the big green button!

Your donations go straight to a Children’s Miracle Network hospital

The network raises funds to help families in need, bridging the financial gap when no one else will. Every day, their work makes a huge impact in children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children's health issues.

Donating helps kids and gets you sweet loot. It’s an awesome way to pitch in and power up!

You can also check out the individual pages of the members of our team. Many have absurd fundraising rewards (wearing a squid costume on stream) and giveaways (booster boxes, oversized cards, and more!).

For the final 16 hours of the livestream, we’ll be running hourly auctions in which you can donate money to Extra Life for cool stuff. We’re offering up epic items like foil uncut sheets!

Here’s how the auction format will work:

Every hour, we will introduce a sweet item we’re donating for the cause. Viewers can bid over the course of an hour and at the end of the hour the high bidder will be the winner. We’ll contact the high bidder to let them know they’ve won. To claim the item, the winner will need to make a donation to Extra Life in the amount of their bid. We’ll reach out and contact the high bidder about how to get the item into their hands!

If you were the highest bidder, make sure to enter the correct email when you donate and keep an eye on that email afterwards. Getting in touch with you is the crucial final step!


There are tons of ways to help!

Head to the Magic Pro Shop where Legion is selling epic Magic: the Gathering Extra Life gear to benefit Extra Life. You’ll be able to preorder T-shirts, a premium stitched playmat, pins, and stickers themed with this year’s event-exclusive designs.Your local game store might have their own team, or be hosting their own event. Check our list of teams for your store’s page and see how you can get involved.

Tune in for hourly charity auctions, your chance to take home one of a kind items. Even watching or sharing the stream helps. Boost our signal and share our mission with the world!

What'S the schedule?

The Magic: the Gathering Extra Life 2 day stream begins on Friday, October 19 at 8am PST and runs until Saturday, October 20 at 11:59PST. The first 24 will feature streamed Magic: the Gathering Arena content, and the final 16 will be live from Wizards of the Coast headquarters. 

Here’s the full schedule:



Magic: the Gathering Arena stream with WOTC employees

8 am – 12 noon PST

Extra-Life Kickoff: Arena Spellslinging!

12 noon PST – 8 am PST (Saturday Oct 20)

Downtown Ravnica D&D

8 am – 12 noon PST

Brawl Free-for-All

12 noon – 3 pm PST

Some Unstable Nonsense

3 pm – 6 pm PST

Commander and Chill

6 pm – 9 pm PST

3-Hour Variety Hour

9 pm – 12 midnight!


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