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Welcome back adventurers!

We play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons here, both in front of the camera on and behind the scenes. But there's nothing more satisfying than playing D&D to raise money for kids. 2017 is going to be our fourth year bringing the D&D community together to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. With the help of our amazing community of DMs, players, donors, and viewers, we raised over $74,000 last year. And since 2013 we've raised an astounding $290,000 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

This year, we're doubling down by streaming not only from the d20 Studio at the Wizards of the Coast offices, but also pulling together many of our livestream gamers to broadcast D&D sessions from multiple locations across the globe—including game sessions taking place at GameHole Con.

We’re starting with a game on the evening of November 3rd featuring the D&D team along with Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg from Maze Arcana while they’re in Madison, WI for GameHole Con. Then on November 4th, you’ll be able to watch 12 hours of D&D live play during the official Extra Life event day.

Game Sessions

It’s all meant to raise money for a good cause, with Dragon Talk’s Greg Tito hosting the day’s events. We’ll be posting a more comprehensive schedule as it's available, but for now we wanted to make sure you guys knew our currently scheduled games:

How to JOIN US

For the first time ever, Wizards of the Coast has created a fundraising superteam. This means it’s even easier for you to get directly involved! You can get together with your local game store, your online gaming clan, your place of employment, your school, your friends, or basically anyone, and link up with us, have fun, and raise money! Extra Life will automatically track all the donations that your team raises (so you can show off how awesome your team is) and add it into the totals that all of the teams in our superteam raise. Click here to see our superteam homepage, then click the "Create a Sub Team" button to start your superteam now!


If you want to create your own team, it’s easy! Just gather together your crew and click here and then create your sub team. The Extra Life site will guide you through the steps of registering your own account as well as your teams, and you’ll be automatically added to the Wizards of the Coast superteam. All donations that your team raises will help us reach our goal!

How to join as an individual

If you want to run your own streaming event but fundraise as part of the Wizards of the Coast effort, you can click here to join our Community team and get in on the fun and fundraising!


As we raise more money together, we’ll also unlock content from Tomb of Annihilation you can’t get anywhere else and preview pages from the upcoming Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Donation rewards for the D&D Team include:

  • $5k: Downloadable art gallery, from Tomb of Annihilation
  • $10k: Sample list of random encounters, from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
  • $15k: Sample list of suggested character names, from Xanathar’s Guide
  • $20k: Sample life events for characters, from Xanathar’s Guide
  • $25k: List of new wizard spells, from Xanathar’s Guide
  • $30k: Subclass preview, from Xanathar’s Guide
  • $40k: Table of Contents, from Xanathar’s Guide

We will also make a cert available to all Adventurers League players at the conclusion of this year's Extra Life. These rewards will be based on the total raised by the D&D team. Benefits will be usable from the end of Extra Life 2017 to the end of Extra Life 2018. Each player will receive one of these certs, and cross the benefits off after using them.

  • $25k: All Adventurers League players receive 1 free potion of healing to assign to one character. Cross off this benefit after assigning the potion to a character.
  • $50k: All Adventurers League players are entitled to apply advantage to one roll they make. Cross this benefit off this cert after using it.
  • $75k: All Adventurers League character receive 1 free potion of greater healing to assign to one character. Cross off this benefit after assigning the potion to a character.
  • $100k: All Adventurers League players are entitled to one free resurrection spell for one of their characters. Cross this benefit off this cert after using it.


As a further bonus, this year we've create special downloadable content at the Dungeon Masters Guild. Chris Perkins and the rest of the D&D team have specially created tortles as a playable race, with all proceeds directing benefiting Extra Life/Children’s Hospitals. (If you are unfamiliar with tortles, they are a race of anthropomorphic turtles that have appeared in previous editions of the game.) This material also includes an adventure location and a few added monsters as well!


Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.