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Les dons sont utilisés localement pour financer des soins intensifs, des soins de santé, de l’équipement médical pédiatrique, et le soin charitable de malades.

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Aaron Hui

Extra Life 2023

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Game Day Saturday October 28th

Official game day is Saturday November 4th, however, I'll be on vacation. Thus I'll be having the marathon happening on October 28th. I will begin my marathon at 8am.

Thank you to all who have already made a donation. I implore all to make a donation to my favourite fundraiser for my favourite charity BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Once again, all donors will be matched by at least $10 and challenges will be back.

My Story

Ten years ago, I began this remarkable journey in my fundraising efforts for BC Children's Hospital. I follow in my mom's footsteps in promoting philanthropy in the community. This event has allowed me to revisit my childhood passion for playing video games. As a young kid, Super Mario Brothers has been a life-changing moment in my love of gaming. It was such an major phenomenom in society, sparking the massive gaming entertainment industry which is larger than the movie and sports industries combined! With the release of the highly successful Super Mario Brothers movie this year, it seems quite fitting for this year's fundraiser to explore that world and play a variety of Mario games for this marathon.

Come back to this webpage on Saturday October 28th to watch me attempt my 24 hour marathon which once again, I will be streaming my event live via YouTube.

Extra Life Challenges

The Extra Life challenges I have been doing for the past few years will make a return. Both the Tower of Dice (add a dice to the tower) and Let it Roll. Every $10 of your donation can be allocated towards a combination of the options. If you have already donated, or would like to donate prior to the event, you may request these options to me and I will do it sometime during the live stream.

Let it roll

Ever wonder how so many coins get inside a Super Mario mystery block?

If you elect this challenge, I roll a 6-sided die and will do one of the following. In addition, I will throw coins into the mystery box. Each coin in the box will be a $1 match by Patsy. Every miss will be a $0.25 match by me.

  1. Critical miss😒. I lob ten coins simultaneously at the box.
  2. Two dice🎲🎲 are added to the tower and two coins thrown at the box
  3. Treats for Mina🐾. Please donate to feed my poor and hungry dog. Three dog treats tossed at Mina. If she catches it out of the air, there will be a bonus of $1 match each. Misses will be treated the same.
  4. Redo🔄 - I will first throw 4 coins. Then I'll take every missed coins and lob them towards the box.
  5. Reveal a childhood photo👶. Underhanded toss of coins until I score one into the box.
  6. Critical Hit!💰 $10 match and re-roll this challenge.

Tower of Dice

You can allocate $10 for a die 🎲 to be stacked onto the tower.

I'll keep track each time it falls for any reason (e.g. I accidentally bumping the table too hard, at the end of the event, $50 will be donated by Patsy for each time it collapses. If you challenged me to stack multiple dice, and it has collapsed before I placed them all, then a new tower will start and any remaining dice will be added to the new tower.

In addition to the $50, I will count the total that has rolled and that value will be added to the bonus match. Also, each number 6 will count as $10.

The fourth die to be added will be a 20-sided die. If a collapsed caused this die to roll a 20, then that will count as 50!

At the end of the event, I will manually knock over the tower.


We raised $25,000 at LTX 2023! Thanks to the Linus Media Group for donating the auction items. I personally donated two Extra Life exclusive items for the silent auction as well. The gaming chair autographed by the LMG team and ended up selling for $1,100! I also donated a keyboard that we had many YouTube personalities and creators autographed. This went for an incredible $550. All the proceeds went to BC Children's Hospital.

There are many great incentives that Extra Life offers to fundraisers and I have been able to bolster the value with autographs from online gaming celebrities at various conventions.

Event clues

Clues for the theme of my Extra Life event.

The clue from my previous post was a sound effect waveform from the games I'll be playing. (It's a jumping sound effect)

For my 11th Annual Extra Life 24 hour marathon, I have a theme in mind. This is taking me all the way back to the beginning. Here's a hint:

Game Schedule

Official Game Day is November 4, 2023. However, due to scheduling conflicts, I will be playing on October 28th.

Game List

Here are a list of games I will be planning on playing:

  • Super Mario World (SNES)
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash (GameCube)
  • mari0 (PC) a mod of Super Mario Bros that adds Portal mechanics.
  • Portal (PC) The game that inspired mari0.
  • Super Mario Bros (NES) - I will attempt a speed run.
  • Super Hexagon (PC) To work on my reflexes.


  • I'm having problems/errors when donating. It's not working!
    1. For some people, errors may occur and sometimes it only works when donating under USD. This is usually when a donor is donating using an AMEX credit card. For many donors American Express won't work. You can try a different card or contact me, and I'll process the credit card directly with BCCHF.
    2. Another issue is that your web browser may be the problem. Try clearing the cache. If that doesn't work, you can also try clearing the data. It might be simpler to try using a different web browser or try using a different device.
    3. Tip: When filling out your billing address, make sure you change your country first if you do not reside in USA.
  • How do I donate in Canadian Funds?
    1. If you use PayPal, the amount can only be charged in USD. To be charged in CAD, you must select the credit card option and then you can choose the CAD option.
    2. When you choose CAD option, your credit card will be processed in CAD so you should not incur any foreign exchange fees when using a Canadian credit card.
    3. You'll see an option to cover processing costs. I recommend keeping this option unchecked. BC Children's Hospital will still get 100% of your donation whether you choose this option. The value on the website will only show the lower amount, however.
    4. If you choose the option to "cover processing costs," it increases your donation value by 7%. You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount you were charged, and BC Children's Hospital Foundation will receive the full amount that you have donated.
    5. The website fundraising total will count your donation in USD, so even though you made a $100 CAD donation, it would show up as a number around $75, although your credit card would be charged $100.00. Your tax receipt will be in the full CAD amount.
  • When do I get my tax receipt?
    1. Although you get an email confirmation and a valid US tax receipt immediately after making your donation, Canadian donors will receive a separate tax receipt which will be emailed out later in February 2023 for your donation.
    2. There is an option to choose anonymous. However, if you do, I won't know who has donated. Please email me and let me know you made the anonymous donation which would be helpful to me so I can properly credit you with the donation. If you truly want to remain anonymous you can choose this option.
    3. Regardless of choosing anonymous, the tax receipts are issued in the name specified for the cardholder for credit card donations or under the PayPal account name if donated via PayPal. 
  • How much should I donate?
    1. The more the merrier! Even if you donate only $1, an additional $10 will be made by Patsy Hui which would be a total of $11 going to help sick children. The bonus $10 donation does not count towards the challenge donation.
  • Is your total raised on this webpage measured in CAD or USD?
    1. The website total shows in USD value, if I get a $100 CAD donation it will add about $75 to my fundraising page here. I will convert the USD back to CAD when calculating for the challenge bonuses. So, if I see $36.63 USD donation, I'll assume you made a $50 CAD donation and you can request a $50 challenge for me.

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