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Las donaciones se mantienen locales para financiar tratamientos críticos, servicios médicos, equipos médicos pediátricos y atención caritativa.

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KE6PIJ / Paul Leonard

The Creepers Extra Life 2023


Deb and I continue our pledge to play games and raise funds for kids at our local children's hospital, the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, ME.

Below is the How and Why

How It Works

  • I'm uniting with thousands of gamers to play games and change kids' health to change the future. This is Extra-Life's 15th Year!

  • Donations through this page stay at my local children's hospital.

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to help. 

Why I Do This

Everyone has there own personal reasons for donating their time and money toward various causes that are important to them. For myself, it starts with what CMN does and how Extra-Life started. When I heard about Extra-Life, it hit a nerve. Hearing the story reminded me of my cousin Bobby. We were the same age and I still remember him and I playing with his train set. At a very early age he developed leukemia. At the time, all it meant to me was thathe had gotten sick. Bobby didn't survive.

Decades later, this takes on an entire different perspective. Having been through cancer as an adult, I know how much it takes out of you. As a child, it has to be even harder, yet they don't complain. Having kids of my own, it would be devastating to watch my child go through anything like this.

This is why, since hearing about Extra-Life, it has been a permanent part of my life and will continue to be. CMN supports children and their families wherever they are, to lessen the stress and impact families go through when children need treatment.

Everything Helps

I ask you to join in this effort in any way you can. Donations can be done by the button at the top of the page. They can be anonymous if you like.

Get the word out to friends, family, and co-workers. Send them to this site with your recommendation to join the effort.

Participate with us. Sign Up to jin our team at the links on the top of this page. You don't have to play Minecraft, (but we'd enjoy having on our game server). Board games, video games, card games, literally any game or combination of games you'd like to partake in are fine. It's about raising awareness and money for an excellent cause that helps in so many ways.

Thank you for reading this.