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Las donaciones se mantienen locales para financiar tratamientos críticos, servicios médicos, equipos médicos pediátricos y atención caritativa.

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Please note that donations are depicted in USD, even if donated in CAD. As well, the above thermometer only shows online donations. For the true total, look to the thermometer below. 

Pigeon Lake Regional School has pledged to play games and raise funds for kids at The Stollery Children's Hospital!

Our students will be collecting donations for the hospital, and celebrating witha wakeathon on May 13th, where students will spend the night at the school, playing games and having fun to celebrate their efforts!

As a way to encourage donations, we have created the following milestone goals:

 $500 - We are Little Teapots 

When the school raises $500, we will have “Teapot Day.” On this day, the office will randomly play “I’m a Little Teapot” over the intercom throughout the day, at which point the staff will need to stop and do the actions along with the music. 

 $1000 - Blast from the Past 

When the school raises $1000, the staff will need to come to school dressed as themselves when they were in jr. high. Bring on the bell bottom jeans, the big hair, punk rock haircuts, etc.

Blast from the Past Day 2022

  $1500 - Walk a Mile in Her Dress 

At $1500, male staff members will be asked to come to school in their finest pink, white, and blue dresses. The Drama Department’s costume supply is available. 

✅ $2000 - Watery Revenge 

At $2000, students will have the opportunity to seek revenge on staff members in the form of water balloons at lunch.

✅ $2500 - Fun Flex Time 

At $2500, the school will hold “Fun Flex Time,” where staff will teach fun, wacky, unusual lessons and topics during Flex time (eg. the history of the jelly bean, how to cook a chicken using only kinetic energy from slapping it, Shakespearean pig latin, etc.)

✅ $3000 - Teacher Personal Assistants 

At $3000, teachers who volunteer will give up their preps to act as personal assistants for students who have received kudos this year. This may be the form of taking notes for them during class, bringing them snacks during class, etc.

 $3500 - Teacher Obstacle Course  

At $3500, teachers will be tasked with completing an obstacle course-style race during lunch in a competition for glory, and maybe a Tim’s Card.

$4000 - Bengert’s Brows and Beard

At $4000, Mr. Bengert will dye his eyebrows and beard a colour of the student body’s choice.

$4500 - Humby House Arrest

At $4500, Dr. Humby will be “arrested” and placed in “prison” in the common area for the day, where students can come and jeer at her. Bail will be posted at 3:15pm.

$5000 - Summer Kick Off BBQ

At $5000, Pigeon Lake Regional School will host a Summer Kick Off BBQ for the school, with games and food provided to students. This will be similar to the Welcome Back BBQ that has been done in previous years.