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Les dons sont utilisés localement pour financer des soins intensifs, des soins de santé, de l’équipement médical pédiatrique, et le soin charitable de malades.

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“The face that launched a thousand ships” was a famous line that is frequently used in modern culture to describe Helen of Troy. Her character and beauty has graced epic tales and poetry in various interpretations as well. Essays on Helen of Troy discuss her background and describe her beauty, her suitors, remarkable events in her life, and the Trojan War.

Essays of Helen of Troy should begin with a brief discussion on her background. There are two accounts of Helen’s birth, both naming Zeus as her father. The accounts of Helen’s birth from Euripides and Cypria should be discussed in essays on Helen of Troy. As a descendant of the gods, Helen had the beauty of a goddess, and some of the different ways in which she was described should be noted in essays on Helen of Troy. The beauty of Helen indeed launched a thousand ships and the long list of suitors who sailed to Troy hoping to marry her should also be included in essays on Helen of Troy. Next, essays on Helen of Troy should discuss how her husband, Menelaus, was chosen as well as the agreement Tyndareus, Helen’s father, entered into with Odysseus, another of the suitors. The remarkable events in Helen’s life such as being abducted and most of all how she was seduced by a Trojan prince named Paris should be relayed in essays on Helen of Troy. Finally, the start of the Trojan War as declared by Menelaus along with Helen’s suitors after the seduction should be discussed in essays on Helen of Troy.

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