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Les dons sont utilisés localement pour financer des soins intensifs, des soins de santé, de l’équipement médical pédiatrique, et le soin charitable de malades.

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In Memory of Gary Leavor photo de profil

In Memory of Gary Leavor

VGHUB Extra Life 2020

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This past year we lost a dear friend, Gary Leavor.  Gary was just 31 when he passed away on Monday, July 27, 2020.   Gary loved gaming. He was a proud member of The Gamesmen podcast and built countless friendships across the world through our gaming community, streaming and playing videogames and of course the podcast.  Gary always wanted to bring his love for gaming and its joy to viewers around the world and he did that.  His enthusiasm was infectious and you couldn't help but just like the man.   Beyond that, he was caring and selfless when it came to engaging in charity drives to aid underserved youth, bring awareness to disability and illness.  Gary annually took part in Extra Life and so, we his friends from around the world, want to help him carry on this tradition by helping him one last time.  We ask you to help raise funds to help those in need in his name.  

Please give what you can to his drive and when you do, please enter the donation as your name and "On Behalf of Gary Leavor".  

We love you Gary and we miss you.   
Rest in peace Gary.   

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