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Dungeons & Donations is back! And this year we're taking on the classic adventure module, Against the Giants. Check out full details at www.dndonations.org

How it works

From 6pm (ET), December 12th to 6pm, December 13th, we'll be running a 24-hour live Twitch stream of heroes trekking through the classic adventure module Against the Giants

Players and DMs will rotate through in staggered shifts 

Viewers will have the option of making donations, either to benefit a specific player or to name a monster in the game.

Donations made to sponsor a player will be converted to gold pieces ($1 = 1gp) and go into a Boon Pool specifically for that player, who can then use that pool to purchase boons from our Boon menu.

Players will be vying to entertain the audience and get donations so they can buy the most useful Boons!

If you choose to Adopt a Monster, we'll name one of the current or upcoming monsters after you or your username (we reserve the right to not use a name that we find offensive) Here are the following options:

  • $5 Minion or low level monster
  • $25 Heavy or mid level monster
  • $100 Big Bad Evil Guy or major threat

The story so far

The children were returned to the Keep from the mists of Barovia, and all was well for another year. But treachery seldom stays dormant, and though the children of the Keep have remained safe, other parts of the realm are less fortunate. The Duke of Geoff has sent the call for aid: the children of his Duchy have been captured by a band of savage giants! To what nefarious end, we do not yet know, but what is certain is that the Heroes of the Keep ride again, for adventure, for glory, for the children!