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Las donaciones se mantienen locales para financiar tratamientos críticos, servicios médicos, equipos médicos pediátricos y atención caritativa.

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Here's how it works

  • Extra Life is a gaming and DIY fundraising platform supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

  • I'm joining thousands of gamers, dedicating a day to play games and raise funds from friends like you.

  • 100% of the donations go to my local children's hospital. 

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to help. 

Hi folks, it's us! Your friendly On the Stick gang and we're doing Extra Life again! For the EIGHTH YEAR IN A ROW on January 18th! Check out the video above for some of what you can expect, and keep reading for some incentives!

Individual Incentives

$5 Donation: Get a free Steam key for... some videogame or another! Additionally, for five bucks, you can send us a code to a Super Mario Maker level and we'll play it during the marathon!

$25 Donation: Request a game to stream, including something for Genesis or Genesisn't! (May happen at a later date, but we WILL stream the game you choose.)

$80 Donation: Request an episode of Same Name, Different Game or Five Reasons or Obscure Old Games! This is 33% off the Patreon price of a request!

Highest Donors: The two highest donors will get to either choose the topic of our next game draft OR a song they'd like to have Mike record a cover of (like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3dtf-FBXGE) (The highest donor gets to decide which of those they want, the 2nd highest gets the other option.)

Total Incentives

$500 Total: Mike will attempt a buster-only run of Mega Man 2!

$600 Total: Joe will attempt something resembling a pacifist run of NES Contra (only shooting when necessary to advance the game)!

$1000 Total: All four of us will venture into horrific territory and play a four player session of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET for the NES! (One hour or until we beat it, whichever happens first.)

$2500 Total: If we get here, Joe will get a tattoo of the Extra Life logo and stream it live!

Tell your friends! And come hang out on January 18th at Twitch.tv/onthestick to watch!