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Les dons sont utilisés localement pour financer des soins intensifs, des soins de santé, de l’équipement médical pédiatrique, et le soin charitable de malades.

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Dungeons & Donations

Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life 2019

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Dungeons & Donations is back! And this year we're taking on the classic adventure module, Ravenloft. Check out full details at

How it works

From 6pm, December 6th to 6pm, December 7th, we'll be running a 24-hour live Twitch stream of heroes trekking through the classic adventure module Ravenloft. Players can come to The Wyvern's Tale at any time during those hours to get in on the game. $5 gets you on the list, and as soon as someone dies you get moved up to the table.

Viewers will have the option of making donations as well, and a donation of $5 allows them to alter something in the game. A donation made For the Kids will get a draw from the Boon Deck. A donation made For the Foe will get a draw from the Bane Deck. Alternatively, viewers can pay more to choose a specific result based on how high the result is.

If a player's character dies they (or a benevolent viewer) can pay $5 to have their character instantly raised from the dead. After the first raise, this cost doubles each time (e.g., the second raise is $10, the third is $20, and so on). If they wish to play again with a different character, they may once again pay $5 to join the bottom of the queue. 

Dungeon Masters will rotate throughout the 24 hours, and each will be keen to prove how many adventurers they can fell within the perilous Castle Ravenloft!

The story so far

With the passing of another year of peace in the realm, the children and heroes of the Keep of Charity settle in for a chilly winter, but look forward to a warm and festive solstice season. The children prepare their lists of magic items they hope to receive, while their adventurer wardens wring their hands over where they could possibly find a Wand of Wonder, or an Apparatus of Kwalish this late in the season. The threats are small, and all is well.

That is, until a cold mist rolled over the Keep, hiding all in the midnight hour. Nothing could be seen. And when the adventurers rose the following morning, they found their Keep transported to some dismal, grey land—and all the children snatched from their beds.

They don’t yet know, but soon will, that they have been brought to the realm of Barovia, domain of the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich. He has brought the Keep here and captured its children for his own nefarious designs on turning them into a vampire army.

Our heroes are no strangers to such treachery, and are determined to find out what has happened to the children, and rescue them once again, no matter the costs (and there will be many). But Strahd is no fool, and has a few surprises in store for them…just as our heroes venture out into their new environs to see what manner of villainy they now face, a dark carriage driven by black horses arrives outside the keep. When they look into it, it is empty, except that on the seat is a neatly folded letter…


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