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Hi all! Satine Phoenix here. I've taken over the Maze Arcana Extra Life page and need your help! DM Chris Lindsay is letting me play the Sirens of the Realms band manager Vlahnya for this game. He is clever but with your donation maybe I'll survive his game! HELP ME SURVIVE!

I'm also making a cool Adventurer's league Cert!!! See below.

$25 - Healing potion.

$50 - Reroll.

$150 - Random Magic item (DM discretion).

$200 - REVIVE! 

$50 - Adventurer's League Cert! "Arpeegee!" Vlahnya's familiar Arpeegee is a curious little grey cat that can befriend just about anyone! (Friends cantrip)

$250 - PERSONALIZED Graffiti'd and arted Players handbook by Satine (1 available)

$250 - PERSONALIZED Graffiti'd and arted Dungeon Master's Guide by Satine (1 available)

$250 - PERSONALIZED Graffiti'd and arted Waterdeep: Dragon Heist by Satine (1 available)

$500 - Gain a feat! (1 available)

$1000 - I'll make you a monster! (Not AL legal) You send me a sentence you want me to build it off of and i'll design something delightfully twisted for you to play in your game.

ALSO $1000 - date with Ruty Rutenberg! (1 available)

ALSO $500 - Ruty will design an Eberron Subclass for you (2 available)

Sat, Nov 3rd: 4PM-7PM PDT
Chris Lindsay's Game

DM: Chris Lindsay; Players: Bill Benham, Satine Phoenix, Will Straley, Todd Kenreck, Travis Woodall

Fri, Nov 9th: 1-5PM PT
Maze Arcana's Inkwell Live: Tip of the Quill

DM: Ruty Rutenberg; Players: Adam Bradford, Todd Kenreck, Eric Lang, Chris Lindsay, Satine Phoenix, Patrick Rothfuss


We play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, both in front of the camera on and behind the scenes. But there's nothing more satisfying than playing D&D to raise money for kids. Extra Life is a charity organization we’ve been happy to be involved with, where gamers stream themselves playing with the express purpose of driving donations to children's hospitals. For 2018, we’re expanding our livestreaming and other efforts taking place throughout the year.

We’ll be raising money in support of Extra Life. Look for further details and links to donate at, and please consider donating to the cause.

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. You can click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to make a safe and easy online donation. 


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