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Welcome to the Magic: The Gathering Superteam!

Wizards of the Coast is raising funds for Extra Life, benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital—and you can help!

This year we’re striving to raise more than ever before through a dedicated product, a streamer campaign, Extra Life streams, and uncut sheet auctions. Join us and help support children in need!

How do I donate?

It’s as easy as pressing the big green button. Thank you for donating to our incredible cause!

Magic Extra Life’s many tentacled arms all feed our larger goal. From posting about the cause on social media to buying our merch, everything helps. Thank you!

Ponies: The Galloping

Headlining the Magic Extra Life 2019 campaign is the brand-new Ponies: The Galloping product. It includes three silver-bordered Magic cards (one double-sided!) and features some of our favorite My Little Pony characters.

Look how cute they are:

Ponies: The Galloping can be found on Hasbro Pulse from October 22nd to November 5th for the price of $50. Wizards of the Coast will donate Thirty Dollars ($30.00) to Seattle Children’s Hospital for each copy of Ponies: The Galloping sold.

Uncut Sheet Auctions

Starting October 1st, check out www.ebay.com/wotccharity where we’ll be auctioning off more than 20 uncut foil sheets between October 23rd and November 2nd. Sheets include a foil New Phyrexia rare and mythic sheet and a foil Throne of Eldraine alternate art and showcase card sheet. You’ll sleep well at night with these sheets—all proceeds go to Extra Life!

Content Creator Campaign

We’re holding a competition between content creators to see who can raise the most for Extra Life. Interested streamers can create Extra Life pages and join the Magic super team—competing either alone or in teams of up to six. The Top 8 teams will get access to codes for their audience, featuring a premium card style for Inspiring Veteran.

Magic Extra Life Streams

Magic Extra Life 2019 has two major in-house steaming events:

In House Employee Stream

Through the week of October 28, Wizards of the Coast employees will take over twitch.tv/magic to play ArenaMTGO, and generally goof around in the pursuit of charity.

The streams run from Oct. 28 – Nov 1, 9.am. – 12noon PST. 

Content Creator Finale

On November 2nd, at 4pm PST, the Magic Extra Life finale event begins! We’ll feature multiple influencers and stream from Wizards of the Coast headquarters. Folks will be playing Magic Arena and competing in “special” challenges. You’ll just have to tune in…

Extra Life Merch!

The MTG Pro Shop has playmats, shirts, stickers, and pins, featuring our mascot Ajani! Show your support for Magic Extra Life!

Ponies: The Galloping playmat set will be sold on Hasbro Pulse Oct. 22 – Nov. 5 and will cost $100 for the set of three playmats. Wizards of the Coast will donate Eighty Dollars ($80.00) per sale to Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital.

And More!

Magic Arena Purchasable Cosmetics

Take your pick (or grab ‘em all!) of four different My Little Pony and one Extra Life logo sleeve on MTG Arena. The proceeds (less transaction fees) are donated straight to Extra Life.

Magic Online Rewards

Donate $20 to anyone in our campaign on November 2nd and you’ll receive Magic Online codes for two exclusive avatars (Ajani and Twilight Sparkle) and exclusive “shockland” art, distributed by Extra Life.

Our Amazing Cause

All our efforts benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital. Your donations go to children and families in crisis, helping those who need it the most. Here are a few quick facts about this amazing organization:

  • In 2018, the hospital had over 50,644 Emergency Department visits, an average of over 138 per day.
  • In 2018, the hospital required over $146 million in funding to support our patients that needed uncompensated care support.
  • The hospital has 407 patient beds and hydroelectric accounts for 90% of their power!

Donating helps kids and gets you sweet loot. It’s an awesome way to pitch in and power up!

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