No Goblin

Giant Bomb Extra Life 2016


It's That Time again. 48 bad games, 24 okay-to-great hours.


November 5th, 9am PSt


I don’t understand how there are more terrible games to play. We have played so many terrible games. Every Army Men game. Metacritic Worst Ever games. Even the Worst of the Best. Will we never be free? Playing terrible games for 24 hours every year is our eternal curse...for the kids!


This year we’re mixing things up a little. We’re still going to be playing 48 terrible games in 24 hours to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital, but instead of one encompassing theme, we’re going to be doing variety show-style themed blocks of games!


The list of games is still secret, but we can reveal the blocks that we'll be suffering through:


No Goblin Sells Out

9:00am - ???

9:30am - Coca Cola Kid

10:00am - ???

10:30am - ???

Panzer’s Palate Cleanser


Yes! Let’s Play Some Imports!

11:30am - ???

12:00pm - Suzuki Bakuhatzu

12:30pm - ???

1:00pm - Sengoku Turb

1:30pm - ???

Adnelle’s Terrible Pick


Movie Matinee

2:30pm - ???

3:00pm - ???

3:30pm - ???

4:00pm - ???

Oatmeal’s Terrible Pick


Dan’s Kinect Torture Chamber

5:00pm - Michael Phelps: Push it to the Limit

5:30pm - Wipeout 2

6:00pm - Cabela's Big Game Hunter Hunting Party

6:30pm - ???

Panzer’s Palate Cleanser


The Sarge Club 1st Annual Pentathlon

7:30pm - ???

8:00pm - ???


9:00pm - ???

9:30pm - ???

Panzer’s Palate Cleanser

10:00pm - ???

The Spooky Nightmare Block

10:30pm - ???

11:00pm - ???

11:30pm - ???

12:00am - ???

Panzer’s Terrible Pick


Oatmeal from Donkey Kong’s FMV Power Hours

1:00am - ???

1:30am - ???

2:00am - ???

2:30am - Man Enough

Panzer’s Palate Cleanser


The Worst of Metacritic Addendum

3:30am - ???

4:00am - Horse Racing 2016

4:30am - ???

5:00am - SPOGS Racing

5:30am - Deal or No Deal DS

Dan’s Terrible Pick


Adnelle’s Good Morning Block!

6:30am - ???

7:00am - Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine

7:30am - ???

8:00am - ???

The Final Stream Vote Choice



If you donate, you'll be able to vote on which games we play for the Pentathlon half time game, as well as the final game to be played at the end of the stream. 

Check back closer next week for the full schedule and games to vote on!

Oh boy, do we have prizes!


For everyone who donates $25 or more, we'll enter you in the draw to win a fully stuffed PlayStation VR bundle signed by us!



Holy crap! That's right! Thanks to our pals at Sony, we're giving away all this to one lucky Sarge Club donator:

  • A PlayStation VR headset, signed by us
  • Two Move controllers
  • A PlayStation Camera (in that new style, too!)
  • Copies of 100ft Robot Golf, Roundabout, and Wayward Sky

All you have to do is donate $25 or more during the stream. This is cumulative too, so even your six donations of $4.20 will count too!


For everyone who donates, regardless of price...

Everybody who donates will be put into the draw for a prize from our Big Prize Pool! Current prizes include:

  • A bunch of copies of 100ft Robot Golf (PS4) and Roundabout (PC, PS4 and XB1) donated by us.

  • A copy of Uncharted 4 (PS4 disc) thanks to our pals at Sony!

  • Copies of Wayward Sky (PS VR NA) thanks to Uber Entertainment!

  • Copies of Amplitude (PS4 NA) thanks to Mr. Mozz.

  • The Steam Code Grab Bag! Win a random game from our pile of random Steam codes! Don’t worry, they’re all good - they’re games like Jackbox Party Pack 2 and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Stay tuned for more prizes in the raffle pool! And don’t forget - you have to donate to get a chance to win!

We’re honestly humbled and shocked at the huge outpouring of support that we get every year we do Sarge Club. Thank you so much for supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital and for watching our 24 hour misery cavalcade. The state of our misery is strong!


-Dan, Panzer, Oatmeal and Adnelle!



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