Isabel Semelroth-wright

Extra Life 2015 Can't Talk Media


I am now on my fourth year of participating in Extra Life. I missed out last year due to work obligations, but nothing will stop me this year. I will be starting at 8 am EST November 7th and gaming for 24 hours straight. Yes it's more difficult than you would think, but it's a really worth while expierence for me.  If you can spare $1 or more towards my campaign that would be incredible. I really love knowing that through a hobby I love I can do some good for kids.  And maybe even tackle a massive backlog of video games I have. 

Upon reaching $200 goal I will be playing Five Nights at Freddy's. I don't do scary very well so this will be interesting to watch on stream located at

$300 = third Night at Freddy's

$400 = fourth Night at Freddy's 

$500 = Fifth Night at Freddy's

Thank you,





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