Hey y'all. It's me again.

I started raising funds for Extra Life back in 2012 after watching a good friend of mine do it and raise money for his local hospital. After a year off the program, I'm back to help in whatever way I can.

This year's goal is $500, which represents about a 25% increase from our $395 result back in 2013. I'm confident that with an earlier start to the campaign this year, we should be able to reach that goal. All proceeds will help Children's Hospital Los Angeles, a place I've visited on more than one occasion in my past life as a food delivery driver, and a place that goes out of their way ot help as many sick children as they can - whether or not their parents can afford the treatment.

The marathon will be held on Saturday, November 7th. That gives us ten months to raise as much as we can. The marathon will be livestreamed, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for other livestreams that will be taking place before the main event.

You want incentives? You got incentives:

- A $1 donation gives you a shout-out on the day of the marathon. Even a single dollar will help the kids, and you deserve some props for that.

- A $5 donation gives you a shout-out, and a song of your choice for me to sing on Rock Band either during the marathon or during a gaming session beforehand. You'll get a heads-up when we figure out when it's happening.

- A $10 donation entitles you to choose a game either in my physical collection or one that can be cheaply obtained, and I will play that game in your honor for 20 minutes. You'll also get the shout-out and the song request.

- A $25 donation entitles you to the same as above, but the game will be played for one hour.

- A $50 entitles you to the one-hour playing, plus I will also play one game of DDR in your honor, at a location to be determined later. You'll get to pick three songs for me to play (or you can just tell me to put in on Random three times if you so choose). I'll choose the difficulty, so I don't end up failing on one of your songs.

- A $100 entitles you to everything above, plus I will send you a thank-you card afterward in appreciation for your help. (Inside the card will be a $5 gift card to a food establishment to be determined.)

IN ADDITION, if we reach the goal before the marathon starts, I will raffle off a mystery prize to everyone who donated, even those who put in $1. Like everything else, the prize will be determined later, but rest assured it'll be of decent value.

Thanks in advance for all of your help. I'm really looking forward to getting back into the Extra Life swing of things!

     - Tim Connolly




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