Dear Friends and Family,

Consider: "...62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute — that's one child every second."

There is no better reason I can give you. There are no words more or more direct than that simple statement of fact.  It bothers me. I hope it bothers you, too. Because together we can help those children and make things so much better for them and their families.

There is only so much one person can do, but together we are a powerful force that can do anything we put our hearts and minds behind. So, if you are reading this I ask you to consider skipping a latte, or maybe not doing movie night this weekend and help make a difference in a sick child’s life instead. For you it’s a small pleasure, for them it can be a question of life and death. I think that’s worth your consideration.

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Thank you for caring for our kids!















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