Team Prismatic

Team Prismatic is back for another round of Extra Life! This year, our heroes will take up arms once again to venture beyond the Dark Portal. Get ready for 24 hours of outlandish entertainment as we take the fight to present-day Draenor while we raise money for children's hospitals in San Francisco and Halifax.

"How can I join in?"

We'd love to have you join us. Here are three great ways to participate:

  1. Watch us on Twitch. We'll be broadcasting live all day on October 25th (and into the morning on the 26th). We'll have a Skype call going too, so you can join the conversation.
  2. Join the party. If you have WoW installed, get a character and sign in. We might have to convert to a raid group but I'm sure we can figure it out.
  3. Donate. Pick a team member and help fund their goal. Every penny goes to support great programs at our sponsored hospitals.


Quick Stats

$1,475.00 Raised
6 Participants

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