Alright everyone, it's that time of the year again: I'm asking you for money. I know, I know, I don't like it either. I'm the first to admit it's silly: you're paying me to play video games. But...there's a catch, actually 11,600 catches: the number of children under age 15 in the US diagnosed with cancer in 2013 per the National Cancer Institute.

I'm no doctor, but I'm doing what I can by gaming for 24 hours straight on Saturday, October 25th. I'm looking for support in the form of (tax-deductible!) donations, which go straight to the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Thanks to all of your generosity over the past four years of my participation in Extra Life, we silly gamers have raised over $8.8 million dollars for children's hospitals around the US. Not too shabby.

The fact is I wouldn't be here without great children's medical care due to appendicitis, and many people near and dear to me are in the same boat. The first year I participated here, as I gamed, a friend's baby sat connected to a ventilator at Riley. He's here thanks to them (and his parents!).

To donate online, simply click "SUPPORT ME" on this page. I can also accept cash and checks; I'll even provide a receipt! Can't donate? That's fine; join me online ("thehailo" on Steam/PSN/XBL) on the 25th and enjoy my slow dive into sleep-deprived rambling, or just play some games with me. As with every year, I'll also be hosting an open house all day, so just swing by and play some games! Of course, you can also tell your friends who are in a position to donate! No matter what: thank you for your time, support, and participation.

To wrap up: here's one of my favorite videos detailing Extra Life. It sums it up better than I ever could!