Ben Gerber

Team Captain Team Troll Extra Life 2016


Dear Awesome People,

Here we go again! This will be my 5th year raising money for Boston Children's Hospital - and as always I do this not just for 'the kids' but for my kid. My youngest daughter was born with a unilateral cleft lip. When we brought her home from China at two and a half years old, she faced a number of lengthy and involved surgeries. 

Now at nearly 11 years old, she is not only thriving but is a beautiful, wonderful (board game loving) child! We owe an awful lot to the doctors, nurses and staff at Boston Children's. They literally changed our daughter's life for the better. 

She's not done yet though, with at least one more major surgery in her future, we'll continue to support Boston Children's by playing games and taking names! It certainly helps that she's a board game fanatic and will be right there with us, playing games and raising money for Extra Life!

In my first four Extra Life events I've raised $8,659.00 total. Each year we host a tiny, miniature convention at our home and enlist a few select team members for Team Troll to do the same. This year will be no different! A select group of amazing publishers have donated to our cause over the years for prize and game support. 

Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

I've upped my goal this year to the largest it's ever been - $1,500! We can do this! Let's go! In fact, we DID do it! I will definitely be removing the old beard. 

Every year I also do a BEARD CHALLENGE! If and only if I can make my goal of $1500 or more, I will shave off the lovely beard I've been spending the last few months growing. There's only one time a year you'll ever find me clean shaven, and that's the morning after an Extra Life event! 

Big shout outs the the following publishers for their support! 

Stronghold Games

Cool Mini or Not

Button Shy Games

De-Bearding myselfThanks so much!

Ben, Jenn, Izzie and Luca

4am and going strong!

As with the past three Extra Life events, a huge thanks goes out to my wife Jenn, my kids Izzie and Luca, the doners who support us and all of the friends and family who join us throughout the day to make this happen! 



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