Is that time of year again - when we game together and raise money to literally help save kids' lives. What could be more heroic? Staring down dragons ain't got nothin' on this.

We will be playing a marathon session of D&D with Wizards of the Coasts and friends - you can get involved by donating to decide on the character I play and help me get a leg up on the adventure before us (I hear whispers of giants, and probably fire). 

This year, I will be playing from 12 am - 4 am on September 17 with Teos AbadiaBill Benham, and Chloe Monroe. Our DM is Joe Louie. Make sure to check our their pages and consider supporting them, too!

You can pick a specific option below and help contribute to my overall threshold to unlock more options!

Remember: you can donate any amount you like, and it will go to help children. If there is something you specifically want to pick from the options below, just let me know in your comments or contact me directly!

Build My Character!

These are first-come, first-served. Grab 'em while they're good.

So far, I'm playing a male half-orc folk hero named Torus who is always itchy. Everythign else is still up for grabs.

$35 - Character Class: Choose any class in the PHB or Sword Coast. Add $5 to customize the class in a minor way. Or, add $10 and choose from any 5E Unearthed Arcana class found on the WotC web site.

$40 - Catch Phrase or Battle Cry: What do you want to hear me say repeatedly over the 4-hour session? Choose wisely.


These are things y'all can pick as many times as you want. Let's load up my backpack. 

Read the Fine Print ($20): Gift me free and instant identification of one magic item (including potions). If the item requires attunement, I can instantly attune the item. 

Potion of Healing ($20): Give my PC a potion of healing. Add $5 to make it a Greater Potion of Healing. Add $15 to instead make it a jar of Keoghtom's Ointment.

Advantage ($15): Give my PC advantage on one roll (I roll 2 dice and take the highest).

Reroll ($20): Allow my character to reroll a failed d20 roll. I must take the second die roll.

Critical Success ($50): Give my character an automatic 20 on a d20 roll during the game (use before the Player rolls).

Cool Loot!

These are a few things I (and my wife) can do for you.

$30 - Pre-Painted Miniature: My lovely wife Nelly has painted a number of fantastic minis for games we have been in and we want to give them new homes in your stories. Chip in this much ot help the children and you'll get to take home one of these great figures (you can also see more detail at Smashing the Paintriarchy or click for a bigger image).

$50 - Custom Painted Miniature: Nelly will paint one of the miniatures she has on hand to your specifications, spending a day getting it just how you want. You can see some of her work above and at Smashing the Paintriarchy. Make sure to include your email in your donation (or send me a message direclty about it) and you can pick from any of the figures below (click for the full image).

$100 - Select a Miniature to Paint: At this level, pick a specific miniature you want (that is available for under about $15 and around 35 mm) and we'll get it and paint it how you would like, Make sure to include your contact information or contact me directly so we can work out the details.

$100 - Run a Game for You: I'll run a game for you & your friends (up to 6 players total) in Seattle or Portland (or other reaosnable Pacific NW destination). Big hit at birthday parties, barmitzvahs, and other social engagements!

Threshold Unlocks!

These are benefits that we'll unlock as a team as our total climbs.

$100 - +1 Level: I'll start at level 6 instead of 5. If we're really facing what it sounds like, I'll need those.

$500 - +2 Levels: This will boost me up to level 7 and maybe I'll actually survive.

$1000 - Wish: Hey. The DM said it was OK. We gotta hit this, just so we can see what we can really do with it.

Other ideas? Let me know!

Got other ideas on what I could do to help raise money? Let me know! You find me on Twitter @frequentbeef and on Facebook, as well.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this and for helping to support the kids!



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