Greg Reynolds

Team Captain Button Mash Bash Extra Life 2016


Hey y'all. Guess who's back again!

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my Extra Life profile! My name is Greg, and for the last few years, I've been doing my best to help the kids at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin through an Extra Life powered event we call Button Mash Bash! Over the last three years, our team has raised over $26,000 to help Children's Hospital of Wisconsin pay for the best care a family can get, may it be through state of the art equipment, hospital rooms that are family focused, or simply making sure no child is denied care because their family can't afford it. As someone who's been fortunate enough to have never needed to use those services myself, I started fundraising for the hospital in 2013 as a way to utilize my good fortune to help others. Seeing the impact first hand over the years has only reinforced my resolve.

Button Mash Bash is a 36 hour game marathon airing live on Twitch and on November 12th, starting at 9am CST. This year I'll be manning the stream and making stuff look all pretty like, but to make it the entire weekend behind the boards, I'll need your help. This year I've set a modest goal of $3,000 dollars. To incentivise you, any donation over $10 you make to my or my teammates will get you entries into our giveaways. These prize packages include some of the games we're playing, Funko Pop and Star Wars gear, (Provided by Lost World of Wonders) health and beauty goods, and even tickets to next year's Summerfest for those of you here in MKE. (More details about those prize packs will be updated on Along with that, every $500 our team raises during the marathon itself inflicts another spin of the Wheel of Pain, which assigns an embarassing or painful challenge to a random member of our team. Keep in mind that 100% of every donation that you make goes towards the hospital, so your impact is guaranteed.

Thank you so much for your support. If you've never donated to my campaign, I hope you can find it in your heart to support this important cause. If you're a returning donor, I hope you choose to join us again to help change lives. Thank you. <3



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P.S. Donating to us helped the following things happen on stream last year:

Donate now. y'all.



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