Chris Dupuis

Team Captain Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life 2016


Dear friends & family,

2013, 2014, 2015, and now 2016. The D&D team has been along for the Extra Life ride for the past three years and we can't wait to entertain and laugh with you again as we host our fourth 24-hour Extra Life event!  The D&D team has raised over $200,000 to help save kids in the past 5 years, and we're looking to add another $50,000 to that total by the time this year's event is complete! 

I'm raising money for Seattle Children's Hospital, which treats thousands of children each year who are facing stuff scarier than fantasy monsters—diseases like cancer and cystic fibrosis. Your donation can help save lives. It's tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.


Because we had such a great response this year, i'm taking a step back. I'm not running an adventure, nor am I playing in one. But I am managing the entire shindig! We have 6 giant-themed adventures ready to roll, and 24 sacrifices or uh. . . adventurers ready to take them on! But just because i'm not on the camera for an extended period of time doesn't mean we still can't have fun! 

Your Donations

Your donations determine what fun events we're going to throw into the event! 

Cursed Inspiration

Since I hit $250, we've unlocked "Earn Some Inspriation" where the twitch chat will be able to grant inspiration to the players. However, 1 of the 5 pieces of inspiration I can give out will be cursed, and you can pick the curse! Depending on how many I recieve, i'll add them to a table. When a player gains a cursed inspiration token, they'll have to roll on the table to see what the curse is!

If you donate $20 or more to my campaign, you can request a specific curse (subject to approval). Think of the craziest idea, the zanier, the better! As I get curses, I'll list them below. 


Total So Far: $300

UNLOCKED! $100—Random Encounters: 

During each of the 6 adventures, our hosts Tara and Alexander Theoharis will open a BRAND NEW pack of Icons of the Realms - Storm King's Thunder miniatures from our partner Wiz Kids and give the viewers a chance to vote on which monster will be featured during the adventure as a Random Encounter!

UNLOCKED! $250—Earn Some Inspiration: 

During each of the 6 adventures, I'll have 4 Inspiration tokens that I'll hand out to any player at the urging of the folks on chat. But choose carefully, one of the tokens is cursed! What sort of wacky roleplaying will come of the Earn Some Inspiration bonus?!

UNLOCKED! $300 - Ultimate D&D Kit:

If you donated to my page prior to 8/22, i'll be reaching out soon for the Ultimate D&D Kit reward!

Good Luck, have fun, and most of all, enjoy our stream of D&D and help us save some sick kids!





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