Hail and well met! I'm playing Dungeons & Dragons for charity. Specifically, the Extra Life organization. It's a pledge drive with a game aspect: by donating to my campaign through this page, you get to pick perks for the rugged adventurer I'll be playing live Saturday, Oct 3 starting at 8pm PST on Twitch.tv/wotc_dnd. 

The adventure is centered around the demon lord Baphomet, the Prince of Beasts. AKA "The Horned Lord." Remember in the 1980s, when The 700 Club was warning everyone about how Dungeon & Dragons was a gateway to Satan-worship? Yeah, they were talking about this guy, who appeared in early D&D sourcebooks:


He's the focus of the adventure. Big demon lord who loves mazes and monsters. Rampaging through the Underdark, driving everyone and everything mad with demonic rage.

I'm gonna hunt down, and kill Baphomet.

That's my player concept: a celebrity big-game outdoorsman and hunter who decides to take it upon himself to hunt the biggest god-damned beast in all of creation. I call my character "Owlbear" Stievral Vin: a rough, tough, Australian-accented "huntah from up ovah" who descends into the Underdark to claim the ultimate trophy. For all you players: he's a Wood Elf Ranger 5 (hunter) / Rogue 5 (thief). This gives him a strong complement of monster-hunting, terrain-traversing, beatdown-putting abilities. A solid foundation.

"Owlbear" has skill and grit, but he needs your help. As any of the widely-performed passion plays recounting his exploits will show you, skill and grit is only half the battle. You also need to Be Prepared. Prepared with elite gear, magic items, and outright blatant cheaty cheats. 

So I ask you to support his hunt with generous tax-deductible donations. Aid him in his quest to forever put down the defining propaganda symbol for the anti-D&D lobby's campaign. Nevermind that those hysterical 700 Club people were, ultimately, TOTALLY RIGHT (this officially-supported Rage of Demons storyline is all about Baphomet and other demons, most of whom are shamelessly ripped off from ancient Jewish and Babylonian texts). C'mon! It's for the kids!

Here are a few donation options. Feel free to donate a large sum and pick multiple options. Likewise, most options can be chosen by multiple people. We'll sort it all out over twitter--hit me up at @mikefehlauer with your donation and desired perk. Thank you for your support!

  • $10—Team Owlbear. This is for those who want to pitch in without having to fuss with any of the options below. I'll aggregate these donations at the end of the donation drive, to fill in whatever the character is missing.
  • $20—Trusty gear. The donor selects and names one piece of Essential Survival Gear that "Owlbear" will extensively describe the importance of, and use, at some point in the adventure. Multiple donors can select this option.
  • $20—Reroll. I gain a reroll to use during the game.
  • $20—Potion of Healing. My character gains one potion of healing.
  • $50—Critical Success. My character can automatically roll a 20 on a single attack, check, or saving throw.
  • $50—Critical Failure. I can choose to make the DM automatically roll a 1 on a single attack, check, or saving throw.
  • $50—Magic Gloves. "The cavern walls of the Underdark are the roughest, slickest, coldest, hottest surfaces you can find anywhere in the world. These gloves--provided by [DONOR CHOSEN SPONSOR]--are up to the challenge. Available at finer bazaars Faerun-wide." 
  • $50—Magic Boots. Only the best-made boots can stand up to the exotic terrain of the Underdark, and "Owlbear" has the best. Provided by a corporate sponsor, which the donor gets to choose/name. I'll find ways to frequently mention the sponsor during the game.
  • $75—Magic Cloak. "The Underdark is one of the most inhospitable environments in the multiverse. Chilled by gale-force drafts, roasted by open magma vents, and filled with all manner of spore-spitting, ichor-spewing, acid-spraying monstrosities, you need a right quality coverall in order to make it out alive. That's why I wear a [DONOR-CHOSEN SPONSOR]-brand cloak. With the included hood and fleece lining, I can survive in comfort. And style."
  • $75—Magic Weapon. "Owlbear" gets to bring along his trusty magic bow. This weapon is provided by a corporate sponsor, and the donor gets to choose/name the sponsor. I'll find ways to frequently mention the sponsor during the game.
  • $100—Level Up. "Owlbear" starts one level higher. 
  • $100—Magic Armor. "Owlbear" gets magic armor. This armor is sponsored corporate apparel, and the donor gets to choose/name the sponsor. I'll find ways to frequently mention the sponsor during the game.
  • $125—Magic Helm. "Travelling underground is very dangerous. Monsters aplenty, sure. But one hazard is all around you, all the timeit's the very stone. One loose rock kicked off onto your head, and--POW!--you're a goner. It is absolutely essential to wear high quality rigid head protection at all times. Like this [RANDOM MAGIC HELM], from [DONOR CHOSEN SPONSOR]."
  • $250—Extra Life. My character can return from 0 hit points to full hit points once during the game.
  • $500—Make a Wish. My character gains access to the Wish spell once during the game.




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