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Hello everyone! I'm Tally, a crafter and plush designer, Desert Bus for Hope co-organizer and, on October 3rd AND 4th, an adventurer in this year's Dungeons and Dragons Extra Life campaign. Help me defeat our Dungeon Master's monster-ridden plots and raise a bunch of money to improve the lives of sick kids!

By donating, you can achieve the warm fuzzy glow of happiness that comes from helping other people. Plus, there are a few other incentives. ;)

Addie the Sorority Dwarf returns!

I have a little tale for you. Last fall, my husband Jeremy Petter, in collaboration with LoadingReadyRun, ran and recorded a campaign called Temple of the Lava Bears. I was in the rotating guest seat for one session, and my character was a female dwarf named Crystal Adamantia Trunn, but she goes by Addie.

Here's Addie, drawn by official Lava Bears artist Featherweight:

Addie's a very upbeat, bubbly gal, which was kind of a personality requirement for her involvement in a dwarf sorority called the Geode Strata Iron Girls. She went out adventuring to prove her worth to the group, which was headed by another dwarf also named Crystal, but that Crystal was kind of a gravel pit of unpleasantness, if you know what I mean.

So when Addie got back from the Lava Bears temple (after seeing an actual lava bear and trying unsuccessfully - to her great disappointment - to befriend it, and also after losing an eye, she started a new group, without Crystal. It was called the Magmanamous Club. The members did things like helping orphans and dwarf seniors, and they made little stuffed bears to give away, called Stare Bears. They're plush lava bears, but with a missing eye and an eye patch.

Now, Addie, while still chipper, definitely had some traumatizing experiences. And she's a warlock, so there's some stuff going on with her head already. One of the prototype Stare Bears has become her travelling companion, and frankly, while the rest of the world might not hear him, Addie does. They chat. He's a very conversational companion. And he and Addie have been through some new adventures since the Temple.

What adventures? Well, that's where you come in. There are several ways you can donate and contribute to this story.

TAKEN $50 — Name the bear. Addie's travelling companion is now known as Larry Beartrand, the fearless lava bear!


TAKEN $50 — Battlecry or catchphrase. Wow, like, ohmygosh, what does a sorority dwarf even shout when going into battle? Well, Addie's phrase of choice is "That is so last season!"

$25 — Fill in the backstory. Addie and her bear friend have been up to a lot in the last 8 months. But what, exactly? They're good folks, but I mean, Addie's character sheet says "criminal" for her background (hey, she always has good intentions!), and she's got a Pact of the Tome boon that kinda maybe sometimes makes her hear voices... stuff like that. Plus there's that ongoing feud with Crystal and her (tsk) Geode Strata Iron girls.

And the bear is, well, a bit of a cub scout. It has a sash with little badges on it for all of the big adventures the bear and Addie have had. There's a volcano badge, to denote their original adventure, but there's room for 9 more badges. You can donate $25 and leave a comment determining what the next badge should show, and I'll make it sew, haha. Ha.

UPDATE: Room for 6 more badges now! Donors have added:

1. a hot air balloonist badge
2. a lava bee badge
3. a quill and parchment badge
4. a fishing badge
5. a rock & roll badge
6. a spider & cupcake badge
7. TBD
8. TBD
9. TBD

But there's more! After the game, [To Be Named] the Lava Bear (along with its cub scout sash) will need a new home. So, I will draw a name.

Your name will be put into the draw once for each increment of $10 that you contribute. I will then mail the plush to the person whose name I draw and it will have exciting new magmanamous adventures with them! 

You can see more photos of the Lava Bear plush on my blog.

Ye olde Snail Mail

If I reach my goal of $1000, everyone who donates $50 or more will get a personal piece of snail mail FROM A LAVA BEAR. Readability of the postcard is not guaranteed, but I'll try not to let him chew it up too much before I mail it.

The postcard will feature art of Addie and her bear friend drawn by Featherweight, the original Lava Bears artist. All donors will receive a digital image of the art.


UPDATE: Thanks to you wonderful donors' generosity, we have hit my $1000 goal! There's no reason we can't keep pushing onward to raise even more funds for the BC Children's Hospital, but first let's pause a moment to enjoy this achievement and with it, the promised amazing art of Addie and her Lava Bear pal by Featherweight.

All my donors will receive a high quality digital copy of this after my campaign, and those who donate $50 or more will receive a physical postcard in the mail, featuring this art and signed by Addie and Larry Beartrand the Lava Bear!


ANOTHER UPDATE: Game day(s) is almost here! I'll be playing at noon Pacific time on Saturday, October 3rd, and again at 8:00 am on Sunday, October 4th.

Want to win this ADORABLE teddy bear dice bag? Well here's how!

Anytime between now (if you're reading this, "now" has started) and noon PST on October 4th, donate $7.17* exactly to have your name entered in the drawing to win this dice bag, along with Addie's pink glitter dice (different from those pictured below), which I'll be using for the games!

* Because there are 7 stars in Ursa Minor and 17 stars in Ursa Major. Thank you @RNAaron for these excellent facts!


And finally, you can also:

Keep me alive with things and stuff

You can also donate to provide me with any of the following helpful perks:

  • TAKEN $50 donation. Start with one extra potion of healing.
  • TAKEN 500 donation. Get an extra gp to spend on weapons, armor, potions, etc.
  • $200 donation. Gain a reroll to use during the game.
  • TAKEN $300 donation. Make one attack, saving throw, or check into a natural 20.
  • $400 donation. Make one of the Dungeon Master’s rolls into a natural 1.
  • REACHED If I reach $500 before the game. Start 1 level higher.
  • REACHED If I reach $750 before the game. Start with a random wondrous item.
  • REACHED If I reach $1000 total donations before the game. Miraculously can return from the dead once during the game. 
  • If I reach $1500 total donations before the game. Use the wish spell at any point during the game.
  • If I reach $2000 total donations before the game. Start 2 levels higher.
Watch us live!

We'll be broadcasting the game live at twitch.tv/dnd, starting at 8:00 AM on October 3rd. I'll be playing at 12noon on October 3rd, AND at 8am on October 4th.\. Be sure to tune in and watch the madness (possibly literally, according to our DM) unfold!





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