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What quest could be greater than fighting the forces of evil to raise money to help sick children? We will be streaming a full 48-hour game at the Wizards of the Coast offices (you can watch on their Twitch channel) this year as part of Extra LIfe's Tabletop Appreciation Weekend on October 2nd through 4th. You can get more information on the official event page.

Who Am I?

My name is Derek Guder, and I work for Gen Con, the best four days in gaming. I review and place most of the 16,000 or so events we had at the convention last year. Gaming is kind of a big thing for me. You can find me online @frequentbeef.

This year, Extra Life is a bit personal to me, too, as I spent the last 6 months or so battling a surprise cancer diagnosis, so it's even clearer to me the challenges some of these children face and I want to do all I can to bring some smiles to their faces during this.

How Can You Help?

I would love to have your direct support, either for myself or someone else on our team (my DM's page is here if you want to make my adventuring life more difficult).

You can also help by just spreading the word and getting more folks involved. Everyone can pitch what they can and we'll do some amazing work.

Donations to Pick Character Traits

These are things donors can choose for me because they think it'll be cool - or hilarious. The premise of the adventure I'll be in is a grand ball of some sort, so the DM has set some limits on what we can choose. Basically, my character "should be someone that would get themselves invited to such an event. As such, barbarians, druids, and rangers need not apply. ... The folks that show up to this kind of party bathe and may even wear perfume of some kind. You know, the upper crust of civilization types."

Remember, if you want to claim one of these options, make sure to mention it in the notes for your donation.

  • $20 - Background. Choose my character’s background from the Player’s Handbook, or come up withs omething I can sell the DM on. Keep in mind that "high society" element, to either play off it or against it.

    Class has been locked as thief rogue and race is halfling.
  • $20 - Bond, Flaw, Ideal, or Personality Trait. Makes up a bond, flaw, ideal, or personality trait for me to roleplay. Again, something in keeping with the adventure theme will be helpful, but they can't all be straightforward, right?
  • $20 - Battle Cry or Catchphrase. Make up a humorous heroic slogan that my character might utter in battle, such as “I am a sexy centaur!” or “For the glory of pants!” Since we're at a ball, we also have space for how my character would politely greet someone ("Hail and well-met!") and end a conversation in a huff ("I said GOOD DAY, sir!").

    So far I've got:
    It's skull-bashing time.
    Prepare to eat dirt.
    Pie-throwers of the world, unite!
  • $20 - Faction. Pick my faction, choosing from the Emerald Enclave, the Harpers, the Lords’ Alliance, the Order of the Gauntlet, or the Zhentarim.
  • $20 - Alignment. Chooses my character’s alignment from those in the Player’s Handbook.
  • $20 - Reroll. I gain a reroll to use during the game.
  • $20 - Potion of Healing. My character gains one potion of healing.
  • $50 - Name - TAKEN. Friends, meeet "Manny Benjamins."
  • $50 - Motivation & Mission. Why am I at this party? No, I mean why am I really here? No one attends something like this just for fun. So you tell me. What am I doing here? Am I a spy? Thief? Con man? Desperate 13th son of a minor nobleman looking for a wife to kill before she freezes the entire kingdom with her uncontrollable power?
  • $50 - Critical Success. My character can automatically roll a 20 on a single attack, check, or saving throw. (1 donated so far)
  • $50 - Critical Failure. I can choose to make the DM automatically roll a 1 on a single attack, check, or saving throw.
  • $100 - Level Up. My character starts one level higher.
  • $100 - Magic Item. My character gains a random magic item determined by the DM.
  • $250 - Extra Life. My character can return from 0 hit points to full hit points once during the game.
  • $500 - Make a Wish. My character gains access to the wish spell once during the game.

Donate to Make Me Do Ridiculous Things

In addition to controlling how character creation, you can just donate to make me dance for your pleasure. We both know that's really what you're hear for, after all.

If you want to claim one of these rewards, just tell me in your donation notes. Most of these can be picked multiple times.

  • $10 - Temporary Tattoo. I'll put a stupid temporary tattoo somewhere on my body. The sides of my head aren't shaved, so real estate will be tighter this year, which just means we'll have to cover my face that much sooner.
  • $20 - Slam Pickle Juice Shots. I'll take two shots of pickle juice. Good stuff.
  • $50 - The Horror of Strawberries & Ranch. I know this is enough to motivate some of my friend to donate just to make me suffer, so I'll eat 1 whole strawberry completely dipped in ranch dressing.
  • $100 - Make Me Eat Kale. It's magical and will cure all that ails me. Or sometihng. Either way, I'll grin and bear it as I eat a whole bowl.

Don't like those options but want to throw money at what little remains of my dignity, or just have an idea on what might lure other folks into exercising their generosity? Just let me know and we can expand this list of ridiculousness.

Prizes: Badges for Gen Con 2016

In addition to all that, I've got a couple prizes to give out: I have 4 passes for Gen Con 2016 that I'll give out randomly to folks who donate $50 or more. These will be codes redeemable online for a full 4-day badge to the con (usually $80 or so) and you can give the code to a friend to use if you can't go or already get a badge some other way.

Badge registration opens in January, usually, and the code can be used up until and during the convention itself. This is limited to folks in the US, unfortunately.

To make distribution easier, I won't be sending out responses to donations over $50 until after the event is over, so I can include it in that. I only get one shot to thank you properly.

Thanks so much for your support! Please spread the word!




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