Dear Friends and Family,

I'm not going to waste your time. I'm raising money to help children in need. These children are facing cancer, cystic fibrosis, and major injuries. The money I raise will help my local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, Sparrow Hospital, treat these children, regardless of their family's ability to pay. It's a great cause, and any contribution will help.

But if I'm to go a bit more in depth about the campaign, this is my third year helping out with Extra Life. In 2013 I raised money in Chicago while encouraging my old meetup group in Ann Arbor to participate. In 2014 I did not participate in raising money, but I helped out with the event run by the Ann Arbor Eclectic Enthusiasts. This year I'm raising money again with my new meetup group in the East Lansing area, the East Lansing Eclectic Enthusiasts. (Can you tell I named both groups?) I really want this campaign to be successful, and I'm hoping that you can help.

So what is Extra Life? Well, you can click around on this website for more information, but it's basically an annual fundraiser run by people who want to show the positive side of the gaming community. Gaming is all about people coming together, whether it be people gathering around a table or television to participate in playing a game or people gathering together to pitch ideas and actual create games. And there's no better reason to have people come together than to help others. Since 2010, Extra Life has raised more than $14 million to help children's hospitals provide critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, research and charitible care.

Oh, and Extra Life is also about indulging in gaming. Participants are encouraged to spend a day gaming (usually with their teams) in celebration of a successful campaign. I'll be doing just that with my group on November 7th. An entire day. Meaning 24 hours. Or as long as we can stay awake.

Should you choose to donate, I want you to know that your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

I need your help to reach my goal For The Kids.  Please make a safe, easy donation online today.  Click the "Support This Participant" button on this page to get started.  Thank you so much for supporting my efforts!





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