Hey, Kids!

It's getting close to November 7th, which means it's time to start fundraising for this year's Extra-Life Game Day. I'll be partying like it's 1989 with my Infinite Lives bros, Dan Paredes and Jon Hood, playing retro and current games and taking requests (subtext: dares) from contributors to perform the wackiest stunts and play some of the wackest, and best, games to grace the small screen. We will be streaming live the entire 24 hours, so drop into our chat and let us know how silly we look.

All funds raised go to Seattle Children's Hospital, a very worthwhile organization, all would agree. So if you've got a few bucks and something humiliating, demeaning, or scandalous you'd like to see me do, name it!

Requests should require no more than an hour of time to execute, and I will not endanger my health in any way. (No binge syrup-drinking this year!) Other than that, the sky's the limit!

And remember, it's for the kids!

Dan H.




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