Dear Friends, Family, and Fans!

I'm Erin M. Evans, author of the Brimstone Angels Saga. Usually I use D&D to write great stories, but once more, I'll be using it to help sick kids get the care they need.

On October 3rd, from 8 am-12 pm, I'll be playing D&D with my very favorite Dungeon Master, Susan J. Morris, authors Bruce Cordell and Keith Baker, and designer, Teos "Alphastream" Abadia. Your donations will help shape the adventure and my character, but that's not all!

Seattle Children's Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few, and the money you donate to make us entertain you, goes straight to them. (Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.)

Check out the rewards available below, and thank you so much for your donation!


One Badass Half-orc

This year's character will be....OOTA! With 31 votes, she is the favorite. 

Oota--genderqueer half-orc barbarian; wily neutral, appears in The Adversary. Oota is one part warlord, one part preacher, one part den mother and all badass. You don't mess with her people and you won't have a problem. She's never been in the Underdark before, but she's already not impressed. 

Now it's time to unlock some threshold goals! Once I raise the amounts below, these rewards unlock!

$600: I’ll wear an eyepatch the whole game, to better channel our favorite Not-Quite-Chosen of Obould Many-Arrows. (UNLOCKED!)

$750: In honor of the impending release of Ashes of the Tyrant, I’ll post an updated Draconic primer, including such entries as how to casually greet someone; what to call your lover, your peer, and that dude you can’t stand; and of course, more swear words. (UNLOCKED!)

$800: Unlocks a special NPC from Oota’s past. (Identity to be revealed when I can check with Susan.) (UNLOCKED!)

$1000: In honor of the impending release of Ashes of the Tyrant, I’ll post another blog about dragonborn culture: sex, marriage, and children. (UNLOCKED!)

$1250: I start a level higher. All the better to kick some demonic fungal butt! I'll also do a drawing and three donors will receive a copy of Ashes of the Tyrant  (or the Brimstone Angels book of their choosing).

$1500: I'll post an excerpt of Ashes of the Tyrant, the next Brimstone Angels title.

$2000: Unlocks an even more special NPC. You know her, you love her, you ask me about her constantly (and I love it): It’s Clytemorrenestrix!


Auction time!

Last year, you guys helped me raise $2070 dollars, over my original goal of $1800. That meant that you unlocked the creation of a replica of Lorcan's scourge pendant. The winner, Lindsay Newsome, generously chose to auction off that piece and have the proceeds donated to Extra Life.  That auction can be found here, and will run until Monday, September 28th.

DM's Player rewards

Our DM has graciously deigned to spread the love to the players. Mostly because she's planning to put us through the wringer. In addition to making your votes above, you can choose one of the below to make things a little easier on your favorite character (...Mine. I'm talking about my character). Please note your choice in your donation. These DO combine with your votes.

For more information (or to be a big meanie), check out Susan's Extra Life Page, here.

Jackpot ($Any)—For each $1 you give, that player character gains 1 extra gp to spend on weapons, armor, potions, etc.

Shot in the Dark: ($10)—Gift a player with a random potion from my potions and poisons chart! Will it be helpful? Harmful? Labeled? Who knows! But it will at least be entertaining. (1 purchased)

Read the Fine Print ($20)—Gift a player free and instant identification of one magic item (including potions).

Potion of Healing ($25)—Give a player a potion of healing. They’re going to need it! (3 purchased)

All Your Bomb Are Belong to Us ($25)—Gift a player with one of the following: alchemist fire, tanglefoot bag, acid, oil of slipperiness, or a glitter bomb. (1 purchased!)

It’s a TRAP! ($25)—Gift a player with the power of foresight. Once, right before triggering a trap, they will hear the legendary warning, and will realize their mistake in time to avoid triggering the trap. (They won’t know what or where the trap is, or how to disarm it, but they will know they almost stepped into it!)

Tymora’s Lucky Charm ($25)—Give a player a Luck Coin worth one reroll to use during the game.

Critical Success ($50)—Give a player an automatic 20 on a d20 roll during the game (use before the Player rolls).

Critical Failure ($75)—The player can make the DM roll 1 on any roll (use before the DM rolls)

How Much Is that Dragon in the Window? ($250)—Give one player a pet! This pet will have a stat card and attack on the player’s turn. Depending on the intelligence of the pet, they may be able to follow a few simple commands. Choose from: Giant Beetle, Spider, Badger, Raven, and Toad.

Deluxe Pet ($500)—Give one player a pet… dragon! This pet will have a stat card, be able to follow simple commands, and attack on the player’s turn. Choose from: blue dragon wyrming, white dragon wyrmling, and bronze dragon wyrmling. 







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