Extra Lifers! We are back to raise money for kids by playing the Dungeons AND the Dragons. You can support me as we raise money for the cause. By telling me what to do! Here's what it looked like last year, with me as dessert chef Rooty Tooty Clafouti.


My quirk this year is that I will cast the spells you want! But each spell will be a D&D spell with one letter changed, removed, or added. And if you want, you get to pick the spells! For each donation of $25, you can add one spell that you alter by one letter from this spell list. If you've ever wanted to see me cast CHAIR LIGHTNING or MAGIC MISSIVE, now's your change—I mean, chance.

There are many other things you can select for me: my race, my class, my items. Pick anything from the list below.

$20—Class, Race, or Background. TAKEN. I'm a half-roc wizard—yes, a half-ROC, because I have trouble with letters.
$20—Bond, Flaw, Ideal, or Personality Trait. A bond, flaw, ideal, or personality trait for my character.
$20—Battle Cry or Catchphrase. TAKEN. It's "Not Today's Problem!"
$20—Faction. A faction from the world of D&D.
$20—Alignment. My character’s alignment.
$20—Reroll. I gain a reroll to use during the game.
$20—Potion of Healing. I gain one potion of healing.
$50—Name. TAKEN. I'm "The Rock."
$50—Critical Success. I can roll a 20 on a single attack, check, or save.
$50—Critical Failure. I can make the DM roll a 1 on an attack, check, or save.
$100—Level Up. I start one level higher.
$100—Magic Item. TAKEN. No idea what this will be.
$250—Extra Life. I can return from 0 hit points to full hit points once.
$500—Make a Wish. I can cast the wish spell once.

Extra Life: Let's do some damage together.





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