Hi, my name is Jeremy and sometimes I like to dungeon master! Mostly, I’m known for making funny videos on the internet with LoadingReadyRun, among them Friday Nights, a sitcom about Magic: the Gathering and The Temple of the Lava Bears, a D&D podcast in which I took my friends on a hilarious and deadly excursion into a temple … to fight lava bears.

I’m super thrilled to be asked to DM as part of this year’s official D&D Extra Life campaign. The scenario I run will be based on Zuggtmoy, the DEMON QUEEN OF FUNGUS, who is associated with PARASITES, DECAY and MADNESS which. If you’ve watched Lava Bears, you know that are some of my favourite things, and I cannot wait to put my party through some really messed up stuff.

If you donate at least $5, I will send you a digital copy of my adventure notes, in whatever form they end up taking. This will not be a perfectly-composed long-hand adventure module, but it should be enough for you to run the adventure yourself. ALSO, I will randomly draw the name of one person who donates $5 before the end of the event (THE EVENT IS NOW OVER: THE DRAW IS CLOSED) or more and send that person a box of swag, including: the dice I use for the adventure, a copy of Out of the Abyss signed by the players at my table and the cast of Temple of the Lava Bears, a printed and signed copy of my adventure notes, the critical hit cards that I use at the table and potentially other things TBA.

Even better, you can get directly involved in the game that I run! If you donate to my extra life drive, you can help shape the adventure in one of the following ways. To choose one of these options, make the appropriate donation and put the details in the message field in the donation form:

$20 - The Creeping Decay
At the beginning of the game, I will have each player put a sticker on the ‘1’ face of a d20, covering the number. Certain events in the adventure will cause the infection to spread to adjacent faces on the die, covering other numbers. A player who rolls a sticker automatically fails the action they attempted. If the action was an attack, they suffer a critical failure, and for those, I need YOUR HELP. For a $20 donation, you may write a critical failure. I’ll put it on a card, and when a character rolls a corrupted face, they will have to draw one of your cards to determine what happens. The rules:

  • Your crit should include short title, a one sentence description and a one sentence game effect.
    Example 1: “Sick Beats: You miss and spin around so quickly that it makes you sick. You have disadvantage on all roles for the next round.”
    Example 2: “Poking Around: You miss because there was an adorable baby hedgehog hidden in your armour and it poked you. You must keep it safe for the rest of the game because if you don’t, you will be sad.”
  • Your crit should suck for the player (potentially multiple players), but it should not kill anyone.
  • I reserve the right to revise or edit your crit if I need to (for length, content, severity etc.) I will try to consult you about it, though.

Current Critical Fumbles:

  • Fungus Among Us by Howard Hagan: Fungus sprouts on your body, giving you disadvantage on all checks until your next turn due to being itchy all over.
  • Sunk In Muck by Addison Fox: You step on a patch of slime and sink in to the knees, ruining your footwear. You take a 5 foot penalty on movement speed until you take a short rest to clean them off.
  • Who Put That There? by Mike Agostinelli: In an effort to look better to your comrades, you overextend and manage to brain yourself on something (landscape, weapon, comrade, etc.). You gain disadvantage until the end of the encounter, or until you receive magical healing.
  • The Itch by Minh-Duc Vu: You start itching on the spot on your back you can't reach. Gain disadvantage on all rolls until someone else scratches your back. If inspected later, you find nothing wrong. Figures.
  • Death Ja Vu by Stephen Harris: You messed up, and it cost you your life... everybody else saw you slip up a bit, but you clearly remember dying. The next time you use that weapon or skill you must pass a DC 12 Wisdom save with disadvantage, or automatically fumble again.
  • Slave to Chance by TJ Roche: You rip your pouch, scattering all your money over the ground. Strangely, each coin lands the same way up (flip a coin). If heads, gain advantage on your next roll; if tails, gain disadvantage instead.
  • Critical Fumble by TJ Roche: You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine. You are fine.
  • Penguin Suit by Nicolas Woods: Your character is transformed into a dapper penguin as per the druid's wild shape ability for 1d4 rounds. (Use the MM giant owl stats, but replace talons with peck and replace fly speed, Flyby and Keen Senses with cold resistance and swim 40 ft.)
  • Trump Card by Charles Laleff: Your miss breeds paranoia and sends you into a fit of Xenophobia. You gain disadvantage on non-combat interactions with creatures that do not share a subtype with you (Eg: Humanoid (elf)) for 1d4 hours.
  • Epic Fail by Caleb Brant: You just failed so spectacularly, that you feel that your party is watching your every move, just waiting for you to screw up again. This added pressure gives you disadvantage on all attacks and skill checks until someone else in your party rolls a critical fail, taking the focus off you.
  • Love at First Smite by Zac Malm: You realize that the creature you are attacking is the one perfect entity you want to spend the rest of your life with and you can't bare to see them come to harm. You must make a Wisdom Save DC 15 to resist being charmed, as per charm person. If you manage to resist the calling of your heart, you still get disadvantage on all rolls against that creature until the end of combat.
  • Literal Earworm by Stephanie Fidalgo: Your character is infected by an earworm – an annoying parasite that fills your mind with dangerously catchy songs. You must pass a DC 15 Dexterity Save to safely remove the parasite from your ear, otherwise your character can only communicate via song lyrics until the end of the encounter.

TAKEN - Nightmare Fuel (0 of 5 remaining)
Send send me five words. I will turn them into a dream or hallucination to be experienced by somebody at the table.

CLOSED - Monster Mash (max 5)
Choose a D&D monster. I will include it in the adventure in some form. I reserve the right to modify it if it’s not suitable for a party of third-to-fifth level. 

CLOSED - Just Rewards (max 5; 2 remaining)
Choose a non-artifact magic item. I will include it in the adventure.

  • Daern's instant fortress
  • Robe of useful items
  • Lusian's lapineze lucre by Nicolas Woods : A magnificently elobrate large bracelet designed to look like the branches of a tree made from Obsidian and having small emeralds imbedded in it as leaves , inscribed on the inside with Haze jeweler of London and on the side of a branch Lusian High Priest of Pele. Blessed by pele give the wearer the ability to transform into a rabbit.

CLOSED - Solve for X (max 1)
Devise a puzzle or trap. I will include it in the adventure. I reserve the right to tweak it a bit, though I’ll consult you about it.

CLOSED - What’s in a Name? (max 1)
You may name the adventure. This is probably the most powerful option with regard to determining its content.

ALL GONE - Maybe ... We Were the Monsters (max 1)
I will design a D&D monster to your specifications and it will show up in the adventure.

  • I will create custom monster that looks like a giant adipose from Dr. Who and packs a wicked punch. This will appear in my adventure notes. 

$500 - As You Wish (max 2)
I will run a short (one session) online adventure for you and your friends. You must name the adventure.

Also, There Are Stretch goals!
These will be unlocked based on my total donations for the event. Every little bit counts toward making my the adventure more entertaining for everyone.

$500 - Purple Fungus
The final encounter for my adventure will have overly-flowery boxed text.

$1000 - Spreading Fungus
Every time a player rolls an infected die face, they must choose another player. The chosen player’s d20 becomes further infected.

$1500 - Royal Fungus
All encounters will have extremely flowery boxed text.

$2000 - Insidious Fungus
If a player with advantage or disadvantage rolls two infected die faces, they suffer two critical failures.

$2500 - Expository Fungus
One villainous NPC will monologue about their plans and/or background for at least five minutes.

$3000 - Devious Fungus
The extremely flowery and ill-written boxed text will dictate the actions of the party once during the course of the adventure (there are no saves vs. boxed text)

$3500 - Deific Fungous
For one round, Zuggtmoy will directly intercede on behalf of the bad guys.

Also, I’m Playing This Game, Too!
As if it weren’t enough for me to ruin other people’s fun, I’m PLAYING in this madness as well! I’ll be joining a session run by Wizards of the Coast’s Chris Perkins at 8:00 AM on Oct 4. In keeping with the theme, I’ve decided to make a character based on the original adventure Zuggtmoy appeared in: The Temple of Elemental Evil. Due to the circumstances of that adventure, here is what we know about that character:

  • He is from Greyhawk. If the game takes place in the Forgotten Realms or another world, he has clearly been engaged in inter-dimensional travel.
  • He is a member of the Temple of Elemental Evil, but has hereticaly devoted himself to the element of "Heart". This stood him in poor stead with the other clerics of hte temple, and especially those of the Elder Elemental eye and may have resulted in him leaving the temple.

Here are the other parts of my character that you can help determine:

TAKEN - MONK — Choose my class from the Player’s Handbook
TAKEN - TIEFLING— Choose my race from the Player’s Handbook
TAKEN - NOBLE — Choose my  background from the Player’s Handbook
TAKEN - "No one else is going to have to endure the hardships I've been through." — Choose my Bond
TAKEN - My character speaks in blank verse and is snooty about it.  — Choose my Flaw
TAKEN - Self-Knowledge. If you know yourself, there's nothing left to know.— Choose my Ideal
TAKEN: N/A — Choose my elemental allegiance (Earth, Fire, Air or Water)
TAKEN: HEART IT IS: GO PLANET!! — Choose my elemental allegiance (Heart—GO PLANET!; presumably my character has sweet 90s hair and is a heretic)
TAKEN: Chaotic Neutral— Choose my alignment. It must be non-good unless my elemental allegiance is ‘Heart’
TAKEN: Quarterstaff — Choose my weapon. We know I have a +1 weapon: what will it be?
TAKEN - Esquilax — Choose my name.

Character Stretch Goals
The more total donations I get, the better my character will become!

$500 - I start the game with a Potion of Healing
$1000 - I start the game one level higher
$1500 - I start the game with a +1 weapon
$2000 - I start the game two levels higher
$2500 - I start the game with a magic item, determined by my DM, Chris Perkins, presumably from the Temple of Elemental Evil
$3000 - I start the game with a wish spell, to be granted by the Elder Elemental Eye
$3500 - I start the game three levels higher




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