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Dear Friends and Family,

Last year many of you helped me to reach my ambitious goal of raising $2000 to help pay for the medical needs and expenses of really sick kids at Seattle Children's Hospital.

I managed to get a t-shirt and a nifty gold medal out of the deal, but the reality is that all of you helped someone who is facing the possibility of a premature death in a small way. I really think you should be really proud of that.

The time has come again for me to begin raising funds for this year's Extra-Life event in which I basically solicit tax-deductible donations from all my friends and family to then donate to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital of my choice.

As an added bonus, those who donate will have the pleasure of watching me and a bunch of friends play video games for 24 hours straight via a live stream. I know that may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who tuned in last year can attest to the hilarity that ensued as the hours dragged on. :)

Some of you have asked me about how the funds are used. I can certainly understand and fully support such questioning! In fact, before I decided to get involved with Extra-Life I looked into the matter myself. You can rest assured that 100% (ALL) of the funds raised through Extra-Life are used for the medical expenses of terminally ill kids who need the help.

Last year you raised $2000. This year I'm going to be bold and raise the bar. I think we can double that number. In fact, from now until the deadline in November I'll be giving up one coffee a day in order to make a regular donation. Can I count on you to do the same? Or, perhaps you'd like to make a bulk donation? ANY donation will count toward the goal and when we surpass it, I'll up the ante.

So whadda ya say? Will you join me again this year in bringing a little light and hope into the lives of sick kiddos?

To make an online donation please click the "Support This Participant" button on this page.Thank you for caring for our kids!

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