Greetings and salutations!

If this page is new to you, welcome!  I’m playing Dungeons and Dragons to help support Seattle Children’s Hospital.  All the donations are tax deductible, and all of the proceeds go toward helping kids in their fight against scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and other life threatening injuries and illnesses.  If you can, please help me help them.

If this page looks different than it did earlier, you’re right!  Our semi-monthly game with Greg is on hold until after the Long Game…definitely not a dead game.

The Long Game in years past has been a 24 hour adventure in which Greg slowly loses his sanity while trying to keep us all going.  This year we’re going for 48 hours, but no slow descents into madness.  We’re playing in 4 hour chunks with a new DM/group every section, fighting against the Demon Lords of the Forgotten Realms. My shift this year is from 12:00 pm to 4 pm on October 3rd.

Wanna help me build my character?  I’m going to do a combination of voting, tiers, and purchasable characteristics.  If you make a donation for a vote or purchase, please leave what you’re voting for/purchasing in the comment of the donation!


Week 1 (8/28 - 9/4): Race – Choose what race I’ll be playing.  Will I be a dwarf?  An elf? A pile of flumphs in a trenchcoat? A doppelganger taken over by an Intellect Devourer, wearing a Cloaker, wielding a swordshaped Mimic, and a Shadow as a shadow?  All standard races are available, but if you come up with something else good, we’ll pile it into the list. Every $5 donated gets a vote, or for $150 you can just pick it. (If you don't know what they are, feel free to hit me up)

Week 2 (9/4 - 9/11): Class – Choose what class I'll play.  A cunning rogue? A city druid? A warlock gunslinger? A confused game designer with strange runes all over their face?  All the standard classes are available, as are any officially published classes.  Every $5 is a vote, and you can call it by yourself for $150. (Again, if you don't know what these are, feel free to ping me)

Week 3 (9/11 - 9/18): Personality Traits – TO BE ANNOUNCED

Week 4 (9/18 - 9-25): Background – TBA


  • $??? – Every dollar gotten will add 1 gold to spend during character creation

  • $50 – Inspiration (advantage on a saving throw, a check, or an attack roll)

  • $100 – Potion of Healing

  • $150 – Reroll

  • $200 – +1 Starting Level

  • $300 – Critical Success

  • $400 – Another +1 Starting Level

  • $500 – I’ll dress up as my character (Makeup provided by Ret Harrison)

  • $600 – Yet another +1 Starting Level (And now that word is starting to look misspelled)

  • $700 – Start with a magic item determined by the DM

  • $800 – Extra Life (Return from 0 HP to full)

  • $1000 – Wish spell (This combined with a lot of caffeine might end up with another “Dan” scenario)


$25 Name – A rose by any other would smell as sweet.  But an elf named Stenchblossom Von TinkerbellSlayer?  Sure, why not.  For $25, you can name my character. (1 available)

$25 Historical event – This one time, at band camp...well, you get the idea.  Twenty-five dollars allows you to create an event that helped shape my character. (3 available)

$10 Battle Cry or Catchphrase – Want me to say something in the game?  Running into the fray yelling “For the glory of pants!” Whispering “I am a sexy centaur,” into a dragons ear in the heat of an aerial battle? For a mere $10 you can choose something to be said.  (3 available)

$15 Caffeine – I don’t drink much of this on a regular basis.  I have, though, been known to play stupid games of “skill” for shots of espresso.  Eleven doppios later, punctuation became but a distant memory as all of the thoughts poured out of my head with ne’er a chance to stop before leaving my mouth.  For $15 dollars, you can help me relive this moment with a shot of espresso. (8 available) 

$100 Scarf - My lovely wife has offered to knit a scarf.  If you have any special requests such as color, stripes, length, etc…, put them in the comments of your donation.  The only patterns available are stripes, as that’s what she knows.  If you request anything else, well, she’s never done it before…it’ll probably look like it, too.  If you’re outside the US, we’ll have to talk about shipping prior to your donation. (1 available)




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