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Child’s Play is a charity that gives help to local children’s hospitals, and Extra Life is my way of helping! You can help me help them in their fight against scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents. My donations help Seattle Children’s Hospital, and all donations (which are also tax deductible) go toward helping kids. This year is a bit different. I’m in a D&D game run by Greg Bilsland like in previous years, but we’re playing through his homebrew campaign, the Dragons of Miryndir, on a semi-monthly basis. Games are typically played on Sunday afternoons (PST), and feature the same set of characters and NPCs from one session to another. You can find an overview of the campaign setting here.

If you donate to my page, I’ll get the following benefits/effects within that game.

* Jackpot ($Any)—For each $1 you give, a player character gains 1 extra gp to spend on weapons, armor, potions, etc.

* Inspiration ($20)—Give a player one use of Inspiration (advantage on a saving through, check, or attack roll).

* Potion of Healing ($25)—Give a player an extra potion of healing.

* Reroll ($25)—Give a player one reroll to use during the game.

* Critical Success ($50)—Give a player an automatic 20 on a d20 roll during the game.

* Critical Failure ($75)—Give the player one use of a DM Fumble. The player can make the DM roll 1 on any roll.

* Extra Life ($250 combined for all donors)—Return a character that has died to 1 hit point.

Those are the things offered by Greg…here’s a couple things…off book, let’s say…

* The Name Game ($10 to me, and $10 to Derek) – Pick out a pair of names for us to go by that session, within reason.

* Chat Scarf! ($5 per stripe) - For each $5 donation, you choose the color of the next stripe! Ask about yarn options in the chat. When the scart is finished, the person who donated the most stripes will receive the scarf. Watch the progress in the stream.

* The Take Home Edition ($50) – On my personal Twitch channel, I’m going to start playing games from home. Got an idea of what I should play? Drop a Grant, and I’ll give it a go.




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