Hi. I'm the only guy in that picture without a beard.

Thank you for visiting my 2015 fundraising page. I hope you'll immediately be so charmed by my friendly appearance that you will violently throw money into the endless maw that is my DONATE NOW button. It is a beast who hungers for your currency and it will never be satiated.

This is my third year taking part in Extra Life. In the past couple of years, I have done the following things to help Children's Hospital of Wisconsin:

  • Raised nearly $10,000 over the years through my own campaign.
  • Helped organize the Button Mash Bash team in raising over $10,000 in it's first year.
  • Served as President of the Milwaukee-Madison Extra Life guild (Alongside VP Ryan Kirt, Secretary Stojan Jovic, and all the amazing guildies) and helped nearly double our hospital's Extra Life participants and amount raised in 2014.
  • Volunteered over 100 hours recruiting and organizing to helping us get there.
  • Traveled to Disney World to represent CHoW in the first ever Extra Life United tournament at Children's Miracle Network's annual conference.
  • Gave away hundreds of dollars worth of prizes from amazing sponsors.
  • Sang some really intense GWAR songs.
  • Voice acted a pigeon.
  • Played Daikatana.
  • Broke some hearts along the way.

Button Mash Bash, our big fun fundraising party that everyone is invited to takes place on the weekend of 11.14.15 and will be a crazy fun time full of prizes for you to win. Any donations you make now will be eligible for any giveaways I whip up in the upcoming months. ALSO, I love you.

So donate today. Your money goes towards a great cause in helping one of the best children's hospitals in the world and it's all tax-deductible. Literally everyone wins. Especially you, Steve. Yes, Steve. I see you reading this. Stop looking over my shoulder, Steve. That's kind of creepy, dude.

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